Space Out With This Timelapse Video Of Telescopes Shooting Lasers Into Space

At an altitude of nearly 14,000 ft., the observatories atop of Mauna Kea, Hawaii give a crystal clear view of space through the night sky. The contrast of satellites and lasers against the daunting view of space really makes us feel connected to something bigger. This was a recent Vimeo staff pick and definitely worth a watch, especially in full screen view.

Sean Goebel was the creator of this video. Even more interesting than the video itself is the story behind how it all happened. He has graciously gone into full depth on his FAQ page here:

He goes into everything from the gear he used to shoot it to the experience of actually filming the event.

You can also find stills from the event here:

[Via Colossal]


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Joey Duncan's picture

They aren't shooting LASERs into space, they are shooting them into the atmosphere to make it easier to see through it. It looks "crystal clear" to us, but it's far from it.

Norm Cooper's picture

i bet the lasers do reach into 'space'....

CDGPIX's picture

space laser tag yeahhh!!!!

DavidBickley's picture

Somewhere a baby alien was blinded.

Beware the day he comes to seek his revenge!

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Gunnar Rathbun's picture

these are the development lasers for the death star.