Surf The World's Scariest Wave In Super Slow Motion

scariest wave in the world to surfFootage like this scares the bejesus out of me but also makes me wish I knew how to surf. Tahiti is home of Teahupoo, the world's most dangerous naturally occurring wave. If you've watched the documentary Riding Giants then you've seen how monsterous these waves can become. I'm not sure that Teahupoo is actually larger than Peahi or Mavericks but it must be called the most dangerous wave for a reason. This video was shot with the Phantom in all it's slo-mo glory. Check out the second video below to see more footage in real time as 32 of the world's top surfers try to wrangle the beast.

Slow Motion Footage

Behind the Scenes

Laird Hamilton Documentary on Teahupoo

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Sean Shimmel's picture

Beautiful, of course, but... I much prefer that other super slow-mo from way back on F-Stoppers (the video of which has since been removed). Remember that one? Seemed to have some kind of extra magic.

Daf's picture

Seem to remember a slow-mo where the camera was IN the wave - was much better

Sean Shimmel's picture

EXACTLY. While the post remains, the actual video's been leeched.

Anyone know where to find it?

Sean Shimmel's picture

That's indeed the one. Unfortunately, the 2nd video in the post is now missing. But we get a great sense of magic in the first.

It's nice but at the same time, details are lost in the face... when underexposed... But Very nice anyway :)

That is wild! I agree about the exposure, but it is still wild!

j.j.'s picture

World scariest waves would be those shot on Storm Surfers (Discovery Channel), you know the kinds you have to take a helicpoter and a jet ski out to.

teahupoo was going off last week for the pro event. They actually held on a day of heats cause it was too big! Sorry guys, my bts is gonna be surf related but not close to this..