Time Lapse Video Shows Earth Rotating Instead of Stars

We have posted a lot of great time lapse videos here on Fstoppers but nothing quite like this. A standard time lapse by Stephane Guisard and Jose Francisco Salgado has been edited to show the earth moving and the stars remaining still (what is actually happening).

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Peter Pollack's picture

Truly breathtaking.

Anyone has idea of what is the light beam at 0:38 and 1:13?

Very original! Must have been a tricky project.

@facebook-1644832828:disqus it is a Laser Guide that is pointed at a star for corrective optic telescopes.


Leonidas's picture

thats gorgeous 

Its as if filming an explosion in space (no sound); true to the actuality vs. reality. Nicely done indeed, but was anyone else creep-ed out by the music and video combination?

Martin Beebee's picture

Cool idea, but I had a hard time wrapping my head around it to get the right perspective. Maybe because the frame was rotating.

Marshal F's picture

Wonderful concept! I'll probably try my hand at this one day.

zejester's picture

Anybody know or have an clue how this was done?  I'd LOVE a tutorial or reference on this idea.

Here's a blog about the video complete with step by step instructions for doing this with the $50 version of Sony Vegas.