A Timelapse For The Haters

Typically I am not a fan of timelapses or stop motion videos. However, sometimes I come across one that is done so well that I am left with no choice but to admire the beauty and creativity of it. Christophe Thockler is one of those magical people that have momentarily turned me from a hater of timelapses, to a lover of them. Christophe's 4 minute 33 second video "Degiheugi - Un Jour comme un Autre" consists of more than 35,000 photos, 120 timelapses and 160 hours of shoot time.

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I'm a time lapse hater but this video is ADDICTIVE! 

What am i missing? Nothing new/original/interesting here. 

I love timelapse and really enjoyed the transitions between the cars almost animation like. My question is does it have any effect on your shutter life since you'll be shooting thousands of images and my camera has 150,000 actuation shutter life?

The shutter actuations will count as part of that total - yes.

Note 150K is also just an estimate - have heard of shutters dying well before and well after their official rating.

Thanks for  your explanation on this. 

yes, you will put wear and tear on the shutter. You won't, however, be putting the associated wear from drops, dust, being thrown in bags, etc from 150k shots worth of operational lifespan.

Ohhh, now it makes more sense that the shutter life is a variable estimate with other factors taken into consideration. Thanks

Nice, but nothing fantastic IMHO

At least it doesn't have annoying tilt-shift city-scape stuff.

First time I see a timelapse as a story telling media instead of the usual WOW effect of beautiful lanscape..

I find it hard to believe you are a hater of time lapses if you consider this to be a notable time lapse.

Edit: That was a troll-like response. Sorry. I just mean to say that I'm with everyone else that there's nothing all that unique about this so it's surprising you would pick this particular time lapse to turn you into a fan.

Maybe it's just me but I like time lapse videos and this video does nothing for me.

thing is (i really like some time lapses, but more stop motion) you really dont need DSLR or MILC camera to do a  proper timelapse. as the compact canon cameras are just as able producing everything with a hack CHDK (bringing manual controls and timelapse intervalometer, raw and many other things). Be real, most time you'll shoot at F8 and smaller fstop so you really need wide DOF (also you will downgrade to 1080p anyway), and compacts are cheap and replaceable especially on the aftermarket.

Considering all technical issues with it i dont see any commercial gain of it, as long as you dont work for discovery, nat geo or similar channels and you are commissioned to do so.

One of the arguments of this I can see would be Dynamic Range...

Really rad

I think what really makes this timelapse video stand out, is simply how beautifully edited is it.