[Video] The CAMCOPTER Is One Serious RC Chopper

The guys and Brain Farm has been featured on Fstoppers a few times now for their incredible video work and seemingly endless budgets. In this video, Brain Farm teams up with Schiebel to produce the most capable, video recording, radio controlled helicopter in the world. Check out the full post to see their demo reel.

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If only I can afford to hire a defense firm to build my toy helicopter. 

What's the benefit of this over a conventional helicopter?  The operating costs seem to be about the same given the amount of staff it seems are needed to get it going...Plus that carbon-fiber camera can't be cheap...

Also, what's up with the Red Bull commercial?

Brain Farm worked with Redbull for The Art of Flight, it's part of their demo reel.

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for one its very small than a conventional heli, so it can go places where a heli cannot go
and fuel costs will be lower and most importantly the crew sits a one place i.e. crew can be more people than would fit in a heli

I could have watched another hour of that and been lost in the whole experience. This site (and the contributors)  has brought me more OOo Weee Ahhh moments than any other site I've ever been to. Fstoppers is a great place to be and I'm lost for words for the level of being grateful for all these guys offer us daily..

I have learned so much.

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Cool. I would always have it in my backpack;)

Check out these videos from the Schiebel.net site: 

Here's what a $1,500 RC heli and a new Canon 5D Mark III can do: https://vimeo.com/40616660

The smaller copters do great work at a fraction of the cost, but they're nowhere near as smooth as the bigger copter. That's why the video is edited so choppy--they can't hold a long shot, and you can see the instability even in the short shots. The big copter's shots look like they're on a dolly.

Would look awesome with some rockets on it. 

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now THATS a showreel!