[Video] Canon 5DM3 Video Beat By Panasonic GH2?

What is going on with cameras these days? First we learned that the $6000 Nikon D4 is not a significant improvement over the D3S in terms of resolution or ISO performance. Now we are hearing that the Canon 5D Mark III is not a significant jump in video quality compared to the 5D Mark II that was released 4 years ago. I was shocked to see this video of a $900 Panasonic GH2 outperforming the $3500 5DM3 in terms of sharpness. Check out the full write up and 100% screen caps at EOSHD.

I'm very excited to see a video comparison between Nikon and Canon now. For the last 4 years Canon has destroyed Nikon in terms of video features and quality but that may not be the case any longer.

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Am I the only one that thinks the 5D III video is better than the GH2?
Beside, the music sucks :) 

5D III wins hands down, anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't understand aliasing, and has probably hasn't tried to grade GH2 footage.

I don't know why everyone cares about the sharpness in video all of a sudden. Newsflash: Pro cinematographers are trying to make their images softer 99% of the time, NOT sharper. A large portion of features shot today employ softening filters (ie, Tiffen Black Pro-mists, stocking over the lens rear element, etc). The only use for sharp video is for wide, sweeping, landscape shots. Then when you cut into the close ups it's all about the softening filters. No one (except perhaps David Fincher) wants to see every pore on an actor's face. Of course there is a time and a place for super sharp close ups when it fits the scene and story, but it's pretty rare all things considered. Now, dynamic range is still relevant and very important. Sure you can shoot a night interior with a camera with a 4 stop latitude if you light it well, but you need all the DR you can get for day exteriors. Sometimes even ARRI max 18ks aren't even enough. This is one reason the Alexa has really caught on, even with guys who were previously hard core 35mm film shooters.


Start a new article reviewing not the equipment, but... the end viewer (NOT counting fellow photographers).


While I wish they would, no one will care or notice the differences. (again, fellow photographers and tech peeps don't count)

Instead they'll say things like:

"Can you delete that part? I hate my double chin!"
"Look at that lake! Reminds me of our vacation last year in Canada."

I actually liked MKIII footage more.

Just raise the sharpness levels on a custom preset in camera. I do this all the time as all the Canon picture style presets are set to the '0' end of 0-7. All this proves is Panasonic uses a higher level by default and bloggers simply forego any ounce of common sense and objectivity.

Ironic... I stopped reading at "raise the sharpness level..."

Granted its not something you should do but it doesn't detract from the point. Care to add something with a little more substance and less condescension?

Technical  progress stopped...
I also want to see a video comparison between Nikon and Canon.