[Video] D800 HD Video "Through The Lens"

[Video] D800 HD Video "Through The Lens"

Here is another video that shows the HDSLR capabilities of Nikon's recently announced D800. Although the plot may be quite corny, this short film shows some incredible examples of the D800's HD image quality. Need more D800 info? Then click here for everything else D800 on Fstoppers. Enjoy!

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Bruno Postigo's picture

So cheesy, but I enjoyed it, haha

j.j.'s picture

I liked it!
It's also funny how the paper girl is his real sister.

The guitar plays Nessun dorma (no one sleeps) from Turandot but the kid goes to sleep.

Oh I get it, the crappy photos are because he was blind. Now if other Nikon shooters could use this as an excuse. Hehehe! 

wow.. that's probably the cheesiest video I've ever seen. :P

kid gets 3K camera? :-P