[Video] How To Color Grade Underwater Photos And Video

A few months back I posted a video created by the team at The Underwater Realm showing how they created waterproof hotlights to be used on their feature film that is currently under production. Their entire movie is planned to take place underwater and the shots will be a combination of real underwater footage and studio work. Anyone who has ever shot anything underwater knows that the deeper you go, the bluer the image becomes. With a little bit of color work you can create a much more pleasing looking image. Fast forward to 4:00 for the goods.

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So how come you're working in 32bpc if there is only a small amount of colour range? I have been grading some R3D files with selective colour and using it in 16bpc because the effect only supports 8 and 16, if you use it on 32 you can reduce the colour precision and high dynamic range. Is it so you can have whites at the higher value then 0?

A wonderful glimpse into color adjustments in after effects. I'm working on my first purchase of a professional video editing software. Torn between Final Cut or Premiere. Does Premiere provide color correction options or does one have to purchase After Effects for that? 

I don't know much about editing but you can definitely edit color in Premiere. 

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You can colour inside of Premiere but inside of After Effects is much more powerful :) 

can this be done in final cut? its just what i need