[Video] Indie Film Making Tips, How To Make A Safe Explosion

Realm Pictures has been working on "The Underwater Realm" (one of the most ambitious indie film attempts I've ever seen) for months now and have been coming out with great BTSVs along the way. The team recently realized that they need to film parts of their movie in an underwater studio and to do this they need to raise more funds. The team has turned to Kickstarter.com to help out but they aren't just asking for money. If you pledge $50 you will receive a special edition copy of their movie "Zomblies" and 10 in-depth video tutorials on indie film making tips like the one below.

In the video below Dave shows us how to make a safe and explosion on an indie budget. If you feel like helping these guys out head over to Kickstarter and pledge today.

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Bham Social Media's picture

these are gold! love em and all the previous ones!

David M Reynolds's picture

Thanks! Great to have the support of FStoppers. Our lighting tutorial is about to go up on philipbloom.net  -check it out!

Great idea! This can't be easy if you don't put your interest in making a film.

Great tutorial. You actually give seminars to newbies.