[Video] Timelapse Of A Day In Venice, Italy

Joerg Niggli created this timelapse video of Venice, which shows a day in this gorgeous Italian city, from sunrise to sunset. If you haven't yet traveled to Venice, this video is a cheaper alternative for you, so thank Joerg for saving you some cash! He used a Canon G10 to shoot the timelapses, and for editing he used After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. Enjoy!

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oh man that really reminds me of my short stay there in february - nicely done!

HA! und zudem en Zürcher!! :D

Wow, very well-made time-lapse.  I agree with the above that you can save money by just watching this video... that pretty much sums up Venice.  I went there for a full day and that was enough for me.  Beautiful city though!

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Awesome time-lapse video. Realy enjoed my stay there.. was awesome!

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Very cool! I wonder if I could water-ski on the streets of Venice...

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Would love to see the post production side of one of these!

I'd like to see the post production too...Did he use a slider or is that effect in  AfterEffects or final cut pro?

Awesome timelapse, but in my honest opinion, the fake tilt-shift effect was unnecessary

Disagree, I loved the surreal look. 

Was this a tilt shift lens or was it done in post?

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The G10 has a tilt feature iirc.