[Video] Translating Architecture Through Photography

Architectural Photographer Chris Luker creates thoughtful images of buildings and locations, and really digs deep to communicate the details and context of the place. In a very thoughtful and informative video, Chris describes his thoughts and process for trying to translate the “language of architecture.” There’s some really deep thoughts here, Jack Handey would be proud.

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I really enjoyed his work.  Thanks for the share.

THIS is how you use a tilt-shift lens!

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Interesting self-promo video with some really good points to it. I love that quote at the very beginning, kind of makes you stop and think. It's just a restating of the age-old, stop and smell the roses adage, but I think nowadays people really need that idea pounded into their heads before they find themselves to be 85 and wishing they had lived differently.

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The big 205 representing!  

wow inspiring...makes me think i should be an architecture photogrpaher instead of weddings...hahaha