[Video] Travel Video Done Right - Exploring Chile And Patagonia

It takes more than a nice a camera and an amazing landscape to make stunning images. Vimeo user Dana Saint traveled with his girlfriend for 5 weeks and didn’t just capture great footage, but he also wrote a wonderful voiceover to go with it. It starts a bit slow but picks up in the last few minutes, with shots going by so fast I had to re-watch it several times over again.

Dana made this video "A Story For Tomorrow", and posted it under his production company Gnarly Bay Productions. It looks like a pretty inspiring experience... I wish I had a girlfriend who was cool enough to let me take the time to do projects like this while on a trip!

Here's his camera gear list, with some stuff he rented from lensprotogo.com;
Canon 1D Mark IV
Canon 17mm Tilt Shift
Canon 24mm prime
Canon 50mm prime
Canon 70-200 2.8

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Great Job !!!!
Greetings from Chile

So good! so inspiring!

Really inspiring! 



Fantastic, really enjoyed watching that. I'm sure it was so much fun making it!

I love it. Want to do something similar. But i`m a noob in video editing. Anyone knows a goud source for information. Not the technical thing...more...how to achieve this result.

Wow, what an amazing video, love it really! congratulations to you all, and Canon equipment jeje