Von Wong's Epic Sunrise Band Shoot

I'm starting to wonder when Ben Von Wong sleeps... Not only is he constantly producing great work, but he is also constantly producing amazing Behind The Scenes videos to accompany them. In his latest video Ben takes us behind the scenes on his shoot with the band SX in Belgium. Limited to being able to shoot in just an indoor pool, he had to overcome the challenge of making it appear as if the band was outdoors, in water, at sunset.

After some experimentation Ben found the angle he needed and the lighting setup that would produce the result he and the band were after.

The final result looks magnificent.

For the full write up and more go check out Ben's post here.
Video shot by Erwan Cloarec - Visuals.
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Nice shot but it burnz me eyez!!!!!!!

Jacques's picture

Nice end result.  I wonder, however, if the sun's reflection in the water shouldn't be much larger, as it looks quite narrow compared to the sun currently.

Nice work. The thing I like the most from Von Wongs shoots, is that he takes time to do as much in camera as possible. Most of the effect in his shots (lighting, sunrises, props etc) could easliy been added in post but he takes time and posses the needed skills to achieve most (if not all even, don't know for sure) in camera. Hat off for that.
PS. I live in Belgium. Next time you have an assistance shortage, let me know!

This guy is always up to something. Wonder where he gets his ideas from. Its always something kinda fresh and with a new approach. Getting inspired here!

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