Watch Sigma's Mezmerizing Concept Video for New Product Line

In January we posted an unexpectedly captivating behind the scenes video of the Sigma factory in Aizu, Japan that many of you really liked (and which was shot entirely on Sigma glass). Sigma has just released another piece of eye candy in a new concept video that mixes really stunning visuals with equally beautiful music. It too was shot 100% with Sigma optics.

When asked what inspired this video, Sigma was happy to explain. “We launched the Sigma-Global website to 'explain' about the concept behind the new product line. As the next step, we wanted the customers to 'feel' (or 'sense') the world of our new product line.

"We used some internal parts from our lenses to show the commitment to the highest level of the work. 'Dancing parts' were partially inspired by the contemporary dancer, Pina Bausch.”

I'm sure some of you are asking "why?" after watching the video, and you aren't alone. I too wanted to know the story behind the making of the video. My main question, what did they want this video to achieve? Sigma responded that, "We wanted to portray the level of care and detail that goes into every product to ensure the utmost quality. We're happiest when the customers can feel this level of care when they pick up one of our lenses or pick up one of our cameras." That might sound like canned marketing/PR speech, but I do want to say that after I met with the president of the company at CES, they legitimately feel this way about their products. The level of pride they feel towards their optics is at an all time high, and for good reason.

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Love the video - hate how you handle your titles in your blog

Jens Marklund's picture

19mm 2.8 Art lens, interesting. What's the last tele zoom lens? something -300mm?

120-300. I've held it three times but so far they haven't let me abscond with it. 

Brandon Luckain's picture

 The old one is huge. Good luck handholding that haha

Because if you shot it in a real environment, you might actually reveal its flaws, instead of being so fanboyish on here, like in some of these comments...

You are totally 'sigmastruck', or something.

On the SD1 these lenses ROCK! 

 If all you've shot with is the DX based SD1, of course all their lenses look great.  They looked fine on actual DX too.

Sharpness is not everything.

OMG soooo boring this video...

Seriously, Jason, how much are they paying you for being their official pimp on Fstoppers? DO I agree their rebranding is good for them and a long time coming, sure, Do I think it's necessary to have these subliminal messaging ads like this one, not at all. 

Yeah, I get it, if I spend $3600 on this glorified zoom lens, some hot woman is going to want to put her hands all over it, while suggestively moaning.  Been there, done that, and it's not half as sexy as they want it to seem.