A Week for Making and Filming World Records - GoPro and Devin Graham

Although there are thousands Guinness Wold Records and some are broken every day, it's still inspiring to see large numbers of people come together with a common goal. Recently, both GoPro and Devin Graham filmed different world records.

As part of their ever incredible feats that is GoPros marketing, the company organized for 138 people to all skydive vertically in formation.

While GoPro does put out some incredible stuff, there is no individual who seeks out crazy videos on a regular basis other than Devin Graham. He's been involved in filming several world records so far. For his latest adventure, he participated in the world's largest snowball fight in Seattle, Washington. To make the event possible 162,000 pounds of snow were imported and 5,834 people showed up.

Check out Devin's video and the BTS below.


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Von Wong's picture

lol the bts is brutal. awesome

duelago's picture

Contour, not GoPro, all over in the film

Dmitry Novoselov's picture

yes, Contour was used in his snowball video. How is this related to the skydiving event, aside from breaking some world record? Title is misleading! 

Ralph Hightower's picture

Okay, everybody! Let's JUMP!

The snowball fight was fun to watch. But I found it strange that the DJ Mix Player used vinyl records instead of using CDs or DVDs. Vinyl records seem so 1960!