The World's Largest Stop Motion Animation: Shot On A Cell Phone

Now I'm not exactly sure what the "largest stop motion animation" actually means but there is no doubt this video is pretty spectacular. You may remember Aardman Productions from our post on the world's smallest stop motion video which is equally as mind blowing. This time they decided to use the beach as their canvas and film the entire animation on a Nokia N8 cell phone. It's pretty amazing to think how much work went into changing each frame on a set this large especially with tourists and tides. Check out the video below and then watch the second video below to see how they created this clever cell phone commercial.

Nokia's Gulp: The World's Largest Stop Motion Animation

Behind The Scenes of Gulp

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Sean Shimmel's picture

Such refreshingly magical vision (not equipment)

Reminds me of the great 19th century preacher C.H. Spurgeon's quote: "I'd rather be a musket ball in full career than a cannonball sitting still."

So, too, dedicated vision trumps excessive equipment all day long.

Way to go guys!

Patrick Hall's picture

always like seeing a Charlie quote on here!  Respek

Sean Shimmel's picture

He and many others (CS, GK, Sayers, JRR, Flannery O) are all the champions of my own vision of life :)

Awesome. What an effort and what a wonderful result.

Congratulations! What a concept. Thank you for sharing the magic.

Beyond brilliant!!

Ma's picture

Yeah, why exacly are we hyping about it? So many amazing animators out there, but it seems like unless they stick a cellphone in their movie, noone will ever know of them. How did it come to that? Not to mention, calling your own creation "World's Largest" - seriously?

j.j.'s picture

That was a pretty large "in scale" stop motion animation, done on a beach during the day and at night. 

this is so rad. how do people do such ginormous productions?

This is very impressive!! I just don't understand what the point is with using cellphones for this shoot, seems like a waste of quality when they could have easily shot this with a DSLR. 

Given that the video was posted on Nokia's YouTube channel I think it's pretty safe to say it's an advertisement for the phone (as mentioned in the copy), so using a dSLR would kind of defeat the point.

That said, my work has supplied me with a Nokia N8 and whilst I'm not fussed with Symbian, the quality of the photos and video it takes is quite good. The 12MP 1/1.8" sensor is on par with the likes of sensors in some compact cameras, let alone other smartphones (for comparison the iPhone4 uses a 1/4" sensor). But once again it really is a case of quality hardware let down by an OS which hasn't kept up with the market.

Props to the aardman team though, all their hard work was certainly worth it, looking at the finished clip!