From WPPI: Fstoppers Previews the Comodo Orbit Mechanical Gimbal

There were few new products on the show floor that garnered as much attention as the Comodo Orbit. It's eye catching, but mostly because people are just fascinated with the design. We spoke to Comodo regarding the new product, and show you a little more about how it works. We even show you how quickly you can adjust the gimbal to accept any new camera.

One of the major concerns we noted from readers was that it appeared to only have the ability to tilt, and didn't really appear to offer any other stabilization. We were pleased to find that each handle has the full range of motion, allowing it to remain stable regardless of where your hands rest or turn. We're working on the full review and we'll have that to you shortly, but for now take a look at our first hands-on with the Comodo Orbit.

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I'd like to see a video of that in action. It didn't seem to be that stable

Quentin Decaillet's picture

Here's one:

And yes, it doesn't look all that stableā€¦ I'm wondering if they stabilized the footage in post. Because if they did it's really not worth the price! A cheap Steadicam imitation made in China will cost less and be more effective!

I don't understand the benefit of this over a standard steadicam

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It's supposed to be easier to balanceā€¦ to me it just seems very flimsy and not very stable. I'd except more for $1500!

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Lee just took the words out of my mouth

I saw and used this at BVE last week, and it was unimpressive. Baring in mind the whole show floor was offering brushless gimbals like the Movi for the same price and do a much better job, I can't see why anyone would buy it.

See the last photo and the expression says it all:

Saw it at BVE, it s a total crap. The presentation was so embarrassing that i had to leave.

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lol. guy in the background at :22 is a winner

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I think a price tag of about 100 should be more like. You can still double your money on the 30 buck worth of parts.