Another Step in the Evolution of Wedding Photo Booths

It wasn't that many years ago when our very own Lee Morris took me on one of his wedding gigs and totally opened my eyes to what wedding photography could be. I had this idea in my head that weddings were boring, cheesy and a photographic cinch to shoot. But when Lee introduced me to the idea of setting up killer seamless white photo booths at receptions, I realized they could be creative, fun and employ a wide array of techniques and skills. I earned a new respect for wedding shooters that day and now I keep an eye out for those who continue to improve upon the experience as a whole. Such is the case with video production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo as they shoot this fun fun fun wedding booth for Quang and Ellie's reception, using RED's Epic camera to capture all these wonderfully fun memories in slow motion. Did I mention the word, "fun", enough?
red epic slow motion photography fstoppers wedding
via [Glamour]

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Laughed my ass off! Haha, great idea!

Man that song sounds just like Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up"... Fair use?

Funny you say that. It's Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," and Marvin Gaye's family is currently suing his fancy pants off.

So i guess I've been living in a hole. I've been reading about it since you posted that (I don't have a TV and don't listen to top 40).. Apparently this is a pretty popular song.. So do you need to get a license to rip off a rip off? Who sues whom?

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It is Marvin Gaye's song and thats why Robin Thick being sued by Marvin Gaye's family but aside from that it was fun to watch and would love to be apart of something like that.

so cool

Do I see a new wedding trend? "Trash the Rented Tux with Silly String"
But it was a fun video to watch.

Sweet video, but its the camera that makes this work so well. And a Red Epic is $1600 just to rent for 3 days. How do you make that back from a photobooth? How much can you possibly charge a client for this?

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a gazillion summolians!

Maybe you could get kinda good results with a GoPro or Nikon 1.

Not a chance!! You need the high speed and high resolution of an EPIC-type camera to record this. You can't do it on a DSLR platform...yet.

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Uh, the Gopro Hero3 Black Edition does 60fps at full 1080p and 100fps at 960p. No, the lens isn't up to the caliber of the one likely used on the RED, but the whole camera can be bought for 1/3 of the EPIC's 3-day rental fee. I can see a gopro being mounted near or even to the main camera in a photobooth for a similar effect.

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wow the whole thing cracked me up, but the last shot of the bride and groom... tears. Great memories for them to cherish :)

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I love it!

Man! Thanks for making me laugh so hard. And yes. This song is an updated copy from Marvin Gay's song. It's still a funny and creative video.

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This was great! The bride and groom will really treasure this.

Red Epic = serious kit for a photo booth setup

could you not do this with a dslr at 60fps?

I can't stop laughing!!! This is soooo awesome! I love it love it love it!!!

Sorry. This video does not exist...

will you be posting the photo booth video again, I'm very interested in this product