[BTSV] A Wedding Deconstructed

You may remember R.J. Kern and Amanda Tipton from a shoot we featured on here before - well they're at it again and this one is pretty awesome too. Using the PhaseOne 645Df camera and the Capture Pilot w/Camera Control photo app they got some really cool images. They had the models lay flat on a white seamless background while they shot a typical wedding day in a 2D approach. To see more images click here.

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R. J. Kern's picture

Thanks so much for sharing the love!

Great work RJ! I am thankful I had to privilege to meet you out in California 2 years back.

*edit: thought that image would be in the profile spot. oops.

Nick Viton's picture

Nice work.
Familiar concept.
e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/45337223@N03/5411621200

Nyaj Timautes Yaaj's picture

this was filmed on a nikon wasn't it?

Waww, the creativity just blows my mind :) very well done RJ :) 

R. J. Kern's picture

Thanks, guys! Nick: similar concept, very different execution (wedding vs portrait). Nyaj: Canon.