The Creation Of A Modern Wedding Video

Wedding videography is no longer the boring handycam crap it was a few years ago. Visual Masterpiece takes us behind the scenes on their latest wedding video and gives us fantastic details into what it really takes to produce a video at this level. Shooting the footage itself is hard, but the editing is really what makes their videos shine.

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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Awesome BTS video.

Really cool video. It's so different doing a video instead of photographing a wedding. If I see how much work it is I think I'll stick to photograpy ;)
Keep up the good work!

Fantastic post! I love seeing the BTS Video shoots that come up every once in awhile. It's very foreign for me to think of my 5D as a video camera, but when I see things like this, it makes me wonder why I don't try to play with it in that light... maybe it's the extra gear that puts me off... though I love Steadicam stuff, and to be honest, there are some home-made DIY remedies for Steadicam shots that seem to do a perfectly reasonable job for the hobbyist. Great post as always FStoppers, looking forward to seeing some more from these guys in the future!

I thought these videos were awesome. The commentary was a great job. :-) Best of luck with all your future endeavors.

Great take on the BTS video, I love realtime breakdowns. Wedding videos are becoming a major production these days.

these guys are very talented, and i liked the video, but i have a much different approach to wedding videos. they seemed to stage a lot of shots, which i almost never do. also, do the still photogs get angry at these guys for constantly running around the couple with their glidecam? i'm a lot less obtrusive than these guys must be-- i'm not saying its necessarily a good thing, because these guys do get killer shots from it. i just try to document the day while making myself as unnoticeable as possible. great video though.

superb stuff, thanks for sharing.

Wow, thanks for sharing that video! I have never done a wedding video (I mostly do narrative shorts and films). I'm relieved to see you are using some run-n-gun and filmmaking techniques to shoot the video. Makes me a lot more confident I can do a wedding video my way if someone asks! -Jonathan

Really great work but I was wondering what the budget was on this since you put in so much time, used lots of high end equipment, and was able to create supportive B-roll. Do you have a bottom line on your budget requirements and, if so, how would you minimize the shoot to match a smaller budget?

Nice work Visual Masterpiece, thumbs up from this wedding videographer

Thanks for the post and kind words - we are happy you enjoyed this bts piece. I wanted to reply to bill - these brides are serious but the higher end market is obviously not the majority. This was a destination event, bride paid all expenses plus the shooting day rate. Our prices for local events begin at $4200 usd and go up from there. Just like with photos getting in front of the right clients takes work and forethought.

Oh wow! I am super proud to say that Rebecca goes to my church.


This is awesome!

 Thanks for sharing. Keep it on my list. 

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my question is: how do you license a popular song like that? I've only gone through sites that do that for you (like