The Fstoppers Flash Disc Is Now Available In Limited Supply

UPDATE: WE'RE SOLD OUT - 6 years ago I built a collapsible softbox that could easily fit in my pocket while I was shooting weddings. I built this product for myself and never dreamed that it would become a real product one day. 2 years ago Patrick and I set out to have the "Flash Disc" mass produced and patented. We just received our patent and first batch. Order now and get 3 before Christmas.

Our first order was for 1000 units. We sent out an email a couple of weeks ago to those of you who have purchased products in the past and gave you the first opportunity to buy. We sold 600 units in 48 hours. Due to the fact that this is just a sample sale/proof of concept, Patrick and I are mailing these units ourselves. We have decided to sell them in boxes of 3 for $100 each. When they officially go on sale sometime in 2014 they will be around $50 each. We now have approximately 100 boxes of 3 units left to ship. If you purchase today we will mail them out tomorrow and you will get them before Christmas. For this sample sale we are only able to mail products to the USA.

Learn more about the Fstoppers Flash Disc at

flash disc folding softbox

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Barry Chapman's picture

Looks like a clever product but I'm surprised you don't have sample shots or video of it in action.

Lee Morris's picture

We will create a huge promo for this once it really goes on sale but being that we only have 90 boxes left to sell I don't want to hype something up that isn't available to buy. Our next order will be much bigger and once we have it in hand we will do a real promo.

Jaron Schneider's picture

You could also watch the Wedding DVD. It's in there quite a bit.

Jon Sharman's picture

Digging that stain on your hood, Lee!

Lee Morris's picture

Keepin' it real :)

Jon Sharman's picture

Makes you look like just a regular guy, I think all us photographers have stains on our hoodies. :)

Valters Pelns's picture

Looks like great product!
I wonder whats the benefits over Rogue Large flashbender + soft box kit.

ZappZero's picture

The size and the form (think about a striplight as HotSpot in the eyes...).

Wes Jerdon's picture

I love it.. I just wish I didn't HAVE to buy, I only wanted one and since purchasing the wedding workshop you guys did and seeing it in action… I want it in my life, lol.

ZappZero's picture

Only US, only US, only US. It's not the first time on fstoppers, that I read "Only US".

If you don't like your foreign followers, make a "national" newsletter, one where only US citizens are allowed to register to.

Selling to "US only" is your absolute right, but that's not the fine way! :-(

Scott Valentine's picture

Read the responses already here - it's a limited release to minimize frustration and cost until full production kicks in. There are plenty of things we don't get in the US for exactly the same reasons, including things as mundane as music and movies, as well as other technologies that aren't currently licensed here. Stop trying to make this into some international exclusionary argument.

Lee Morris's picture

Obviously we want to sell to every country on the planet so that we can make money but it's not worth dealing with hundreds of unhappy customers. Once we figure out a better system of course they will become available worldwide.

Scott Valentine's picture

Any chance you'll consider a production run with black baffles on the sides to reduce spill? Or is that already taken care of by reflective material inside?

These would look great in my luggage for small travel shoots, btw... might just have to get in on this deal.

Lee Morris's picture

It's something that we are considering for the next batch. At this point there is some spill out of the sides.

Jason DeMoe's picture

FStoppers. I just ordered (2) boxes of (6) units and will be happy to resell (4) units to anyone that wants them. I'll resell for $45 each and I'll ship outside the US as long as you pick up the shipping costs. Email me at if you are interested. At $45 I've added $7 per unit to the total I paid to FStoppers ($100 for 3 units + $15 shipping = $38 per unit).

Lee Morris's picture

There ya go over seas people!

Christopher Wren Brashear's picture

I'm interested: chris at christopherwrenphoto dot com

Wes Jerdon's picture

ANYONE WHO WANTS ONE! Just find TWO other friends and split the cost! $34 is pretty easy to come by!

Izabella's picture


monol0g's picture

what are those "friends" you are talking about?

Tom 'Street Beers' Halliday's picture

ahhh its time like this living in the uk sucks! definantly buying this when i get the chance!

Lucas Carter's picture

looks super rad for my upcoming international photo trip. If the payment goes through, can we assume that we were able to get one?

Lee Morris's picture

Yes, if you paid you will get a box. There are 40 boxes left as I am typing this. They will probably sell out in a few minutes.

Fritz Asuro's picture

1.) USA again - such a blessed country for shipments
2.) Limited stocks. Before I can get a way of grabbing one, I'm sure it would be out of stock.
3.) I'll just pray :|

Lee Morris's picture

email Jason DeMoe below.

Fritz Asuro's picture

I actually read his post, though the hundred bucks for three pieces is a good deal for me - supposedly. Though thanks for the info Lee

Brian Doherty's picture

Looks pretty sweet . Just ordered myself a set. I hope you still have some left.

Bryon Black's picture

Any chance we can see a few sample images using the product?

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

Pic and result..please! :)

Ihab Mokayed's picture

Lee:"We can't mail them overseas..." *turns around and walks away in tears*

tony pardilla's picture

thanks F-stoppers, i just ordered 3 units, can't wait to use them :-) ... an impulse buy that will make the boss (wife) pissed at me

coodey's picture

Will buy one when I can buy 1. Hopefully that option is available with the next batch.

Michael Clemens's picture

Hey Coodey. . I was able to get the three. . . I'm happy to sell one of them if you'd like

Jordan Krate's picture

Hey mike you still have ? if so i would like to purchase one.

Michael Clemens's picture

I do.. . .you want one?

Jordan Krate's picture

yes i do. email at

Avrohom Perl's picture

SO GLAD I did not miss this.
Plan to sell the extra 2 but somehow... somehow I think I will keep them all :)

That gray card on the back is quite awesome, how about a silver reflector?
That would be awesome for me personally :)

ZielinskiCreative's picture

I'm sold. I have been looking for something like this for on location portrait shoots and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Thank you

tony pardilla's picture

are you guys going to do a review on this product and and a tutorial?
super excited to get this... 3 of my photogs want it... lol

Tony Guillaro's picture

Talk about a quick profit! Lol

Can't wait till you get more, So I can get some...
Wish I saw this earlier haha

Lee Morris's picture

It's nice to sell out so quickly but to be honest we made almost no profit on this first batch. The patent process alone killed us. At this point we are just recouping what we have already lost.

Tony Guillaro's picture

That's understandable, I'm in the middle of a patent myself.
After the lawyer Fee's and the patent fee's themselves, plus the cost of getting the product made, lots hard earned money disappears from ones bank acct! >_<

Hopefully on the next batch you will have a higher profit to cost ratio

Gus Munoz's picture

Hi Lee. Listen closely to what you say at 3.19 :) Just teasing mate, nice product.

Lee Morris's picture

Hah nice catch. We hope to have this product in multiple stores.

Zagato Zee's picture

Amazon won't ship to Australia when the supplier tells them they can't. This usually happens when a company has an exclusive distribution deal with another importer in the destination country.

Michael Chee's picture

Malaysia here :( ohhh dang.... I want 1 .

Josue Flores's picture

I still waiting for them to arrive! I'll apreciate some information!

Lee Morris's picture

There were about 7 boxes from the first shipment that went out today because we were waiting on boxes. Email us with your order info at and I'll check the tracking number for you.

Lorenzo P's picture

I wish you guys nothing but success!!!!!!!!!

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