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Along with our recent release of How to Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer, we've featured several behind the scenes videos on how other photographs prepare for and shoot weddings. It's always worth a look to investigate what other wedding photographers outside of your area are doing differently. Rest assured, Doug Gordon will keep you entertained in his upcoming workshop on creativeLIVE. Starting Wednesday May 29 - May 31, Doug will cover key aspects of lighting and shooting weddings, including making successful sales pitches, seeing and using different types of light, posing family portraits, and troubleshooting potentially stressful family situations. You can enroll right now to watch the LIVE event for free or you can pre-purchase the video downloads for just $99.

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Why free? is your time not worth anything?

Its not that their time is not worth anything its just photographers are going through this faze where teaching others their tricks and secret recipes has become the "cool" thing do. Not sure why but I find it very strange that perfectly good well established companies would want to share there hard earned tricks, tips, whatever you want to call it with complete strangers who could potentially be competition. I understand that many photographers do make money by teaching this stuff but I have gone through many years of photography where nobody would share secrets now all of the sudden it is the "cool" thing to do. It seems to be photography is one of the only business practices that is doing this right now. I understand about helping others and educating them so they dont give away disk and they dont give away shoots but I say let the young photographers learn their own lessons and fail on their own. Heres a perfect real world example which I can relate because I worked as a chef for several years for a friends restaurant. You have two, lets say burger joints on the same street, burger joint A gets a lot of business because they have a great recipe for their burgers, great service, and their marketing is just as amazing. Now on the other hand you got a burger joint B that is failing because their recipes suck their management is bad and they just dont know how to run things in general. Now, I dont know about you but Im 100% sure that burger joint A is not going to knock on burger joint B's door and say heres my recipes, heres my management plan, and heres my marketing strategies, I really want to help and by the way call me anytime you need me!!! Catch my POINT!!!

i completely agree! think it is rather silly to do this considering that there are schools that teach photography. I am not sure why skipping on formal education is encouraged so much.

It's only free if you watch it live (or the rebroadcast), after that it's not. And not everyone has time to sit for all three days.

Well, you may surprised at how many will sit there for 3 hours rather than pay for education in the very field they want to be part of so badly. I wonder how they entered the work fields they're in now??? did they bought a copy of Turbo Tax and attended free Warren Buffet Seminars??? It is really unflattering when photography is turned into a commodity which it isn't by any means.

Dude, I didn't say 3 hours. I said three days.

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Alex, forget free or paid. This man had some skill you can learn from. He has photographed a few thousand weddings already. It is hard to find some one like him today. His flow posing skills are insane. Take what you want from it. Its Free :)

How about this: when my cameras will be free, I will agree with the "free" photography seminars.

How many people do you know that actually can sit and watch this during business hours during the week?

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I don't see how that possible, I don't doubt the man has shot a LOT of wedding but if he personally shot that many weddings, he would of shot everyday of the year for 10 years and on some days would of shot more than one than one wedding a day.... Just say'in lol

Me neither...some people have really big mouths and expensive stock accounts where they buy professional photos and pass them as theirs. I have seen it happen too many times not to know its true.

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Really I had noo Idea...lmfao!!

Damn some people just don't want to put in real work, wth are they going to do come wedding day and they can't take photos like the ones they posted

Yes...it is true though; as mind blowing as it is. These are folks who "outsource" processing to India... I was floored when I first heard certain photographers, (and BTW some who used to be respectable in film days no less), were outsourcing processing of their own photos; I mean how can you call yourself a photographer when you don't work on your own work!?! They shoot RAW and outsource the processing to graphic designers in India or other places....others get sued by the bride and groom, others come out with soap stories...you have no idea what kind of photographers roam on Craigslist...for example one was overexposing everything...I mean there was no sky, everything was overexposed because they had no clue how to process their photos and create a complete scene. Horrible...I get "certain" images can be slightly overexposed....but to use that on all of the that is dumb. I shot as a second shooter with a guy who brought in the big guns sort of speak, he had quantum flashes, he had anything you can imagine and you could see how the finished product looked fully professional and absolutely gorgeous....and the bride wasn't even pretty...and then I shot with another person who told me to overexpose everything...I told her to take a hike...If I am using these in my portfolio I ain't overexposing a WHITE wedding! OMG! white everything sand and all...seriously? yeah...You have no idea what people do...and advertise that $500 wedding or $300 cause they WANT to keep the expectations LOW. I don't feel sorry for those brides at all, they really get what they deserve for not paying for our time. 20% is shooting time AT the wedding and 80% is post processing thousands and thousands of photographs of all the uncles and whatever....they need to respect our time putting together the only thing NOT perishable for their stupid day!

Thanks to share this information,Photography is not just work, it’s a passion therefore you need to know your passion to learn best photography and keep you concentrate at any moment which
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Define "passion" please!

Some are simply "passionate" about buying equipment and flaunt it without knowing what Av is for...some are so "passionate" they offer their time &amp; money spent on equipment for free...these people also have 5, 6 figure unrelated day jobs supporting their so called "passion"...if someone is genuinely "passionate" about photography, they would have enough common sense not to "offer" it for free and create a precedent for companies that would normally purchase and LICENSE photographs.

Take a look at this:

This is what the "passion" is doing! Is having us pro's, and those few amateurs who are truly passionate about photography CRINGE, and waste our time looking for our stolen photos that we created with our "passion" instead of being out photographing and not having to wrry about our work being stolen by other "passionate" people!

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