LUMENATOR- LED Photography Light

LUMENATOR- LED Photography Light

Kickstarter product "LUMENATOR™" is a portable and battery powered LED light stick. The 1200 lumen bar has a dimmer on it so you are able to adjust the power. The bar will have attachments that allow you to change the white balance and even add on a color hue bar. Check out the Kickstarter video and see if this possible product will fit your needs and help back this project.

The Lumenator™

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Alain's picture

Looks interesting... but I have been burned on Kickstarter a year ago. Gave $130 for a Cryptek USB key... They ran away with $200,000, never produced a single key. Still mad.
But still... this light bar, if truly portable, could be fun.

Amy Konieczka's picture

***Noticed the link is not working, here is correct link ******

I am just so excited about the Lumenator!! After physically holding and playing with the prototype, I canNOT wait to get my hands on the final version of this product. I know very well the inventors of this product and can personally and honestly vouch for their reputation and integrity in all operations in their business and personal life. I have full confidence that this light will be a turn into a new and unfound perspective in the photography world... Options are endless now because of this light. The stacking and expansion with the lights are an amazing feature and it will cater to the photographer on the go. As a wedding photographer myself, I am so excited about what this will provide me when traveling to and from different venues on wedding days, etc.

Oh come on ...

thats nothing more than a led tube with a dimmer and different LED chips.sth like this: solder skills and a little bit of drilling and attaching screws and your done ...

Timuçin HIZAL's picture

if color temp stabile or adjustable, would be right. But 2700k-7000k is very wide range. but China market is a deep sea. definitely adj. version findable.

Amy Konieczka's picture

Timucin, be sure to let us know if you find anything else like it in China's deep sea market... Good luck :) 

Timuçin HIZAL's picture

Eureka :)
Have a look at this product. Seems like a reliable and proper. Minimum order quantity is 25 pieces but price is pretty.

Just take a look at the video and try to understand what we are going to accomplish. This is not just a "tube with a dimmer", this is a lighting system that offers complete lighting control to the user. 

Due, to kickstarters style guidelines we aren't allowed to show the rendering of the finished product. The finished product will have a handle roughly 8 inches long and the 12 inch light bars can then attach to that.

The attached image is the concept art for the finished product once the kickstarter project is a success.

Michael Miller's picture

How will it be different from the Ice Light?

Michael, there will be several differences... The Lumenator will be expandable and stackable up to 6 light bars high (each light bar about 1200 lumens) ... also, the light will have option for kelvin temp (Tailor Bar) selections and RGB selections (Hue Bar). The Lumenator will also have multiple accessories that will be available to allow this light to be the best and most versatile light you own.

I agree with Michael Miller. And with all the con artists in the world, who would be dumb enough to give away their hard earned $ to unfamiliar people ?   

We have been manufacturing LED lighting since 2005 for the residential and commercial markets. This is the first photography-centric product we have developed that we wanted to go to market with. 

I do, however, understand the skeptics, that is why Amazon controls the money on the projects, if we dont go to market, I am pretty sure you have recourse there not to mention we have our reputation on the line. Once again, that is the great thing about supporting American companies, we are subject to the US legal system. 

I'm with Alain.  I gave a photo Kickstarter project money last year and they got hit with patent issues & a cease-and-desist from the patent holder on a very similar product, according to their email.  As always, Kickstarter having little skin-in-the-game and not wanting more legal issues, stopped the funding page immediately.  Once a project is pulled from KS the money pledged/involved is between the investor and the company, not KS.  It's my understanding that if the company chooses to keep designing, then they can keep the money.  B.S. in my honest opinion, but a genius move for project starters but bad news for the rest of us!   In short, the team said they would continue with redesigning and provide updates monthly, but zero mention of an immediate refund.  Basically, they didn't have money to make the product, hence the Kickstarter project, so how in the heck would they fund a legal battle with the patent holder.  The email claimed they were still trying to make the rig available, but I haven't heard anything in months.  I bought another rig, so I'm out the original money pledged and the difference of the two rigs ($175.00).  I'm guessing this has happened to others and possibly why this project isn't even close to being funded?  Seeing that this is way too close to the wescott ice lite and the inspiration came from the ice lite, according to the recent video with the manufacturer in LA.  Michael had a great point too.  How's it different from the wescott ice light?  If that's the only reply from the manufacturer, then how long before wescott catches on?  This has disaster written all over it.  I just can take another chance on an unknown photo company.  American made or not.


Hello TJ,

I was one of the creators of the Lumenator. The difference between the Ice Light (trademark of Ice Light, Inc) and the Lumenator (trademark of Louisiana LED, Inc.) is that the Lumenator is not a singular light, it is a platform for multiple lighting tools. With the interchangeable and stackable light bars to the accessories to the floodlights, etc. the Lumenator is a complete toolkit. That is the difference. The same can be said for what is the difference between two 4-door sedans. Each has their own functionalities and exist to serve a different purpose. 

Please watch all of the videos on our Kickstarter page and hopefully you will begin to see that what Wescott has done has nothing to do with our product.

how is this different than the Ice Light already being sold by Wescott?