Top 10 Reasons Pixieset Makes Sense For Professional Photographers

Top 10 Reasons Pixieset Makes Sense For Professional Photographers

One of the keys to running a successful photography business is to be constantly innovating and searching for the best ways to serve your clients. A month ago I made the decision to use Pixieset for my client galleries. Here are my Top 10 reasons why I feel it is a good choice for all professional photographers.

1. Larger Selection of Print Sizes For Sale

My clients now have a much larger selection of print sizes to choose from. No longer is it just three sizes - now they can choose just about any size print WHCC offers. Also if I would like to print or order product somewhere else I can choose to self-fulfill orders and make my own price lists for my clients to see.


2. Set Your Own Prices on Prints

I love having the freedom to set my own prices on prints, canvases and more. No longer do I need to be tied down to pricing set by others. I can now set the pricing that makes the most sense for my clients, my area and my business.


3. Money From Print Sales Gets Deposited in Bank Account

Any money I earn on prints gets deposited directly to my bank account. This is refreshing as well. I no longer have to request withdrawals - it just automatically gets deposited about 3 days after the sale.

4. No Unnecessary Files Saved Taking Up Computer Space on Hard Drive

My previous gallery was designed as an app that was installed on my computer. As a result each time I used it to upload and view files it would create a cache on my computer hard drive. This cache would grow incredibly large behind the scenes - often reaching 5+ GB. I do most of my work on a MacBook Pro Laptop running a SSD. Space is limited and these unnecessary cache buildups would take up space. Fortunately Pixieset doesn’t create these - so I no longer have to worry about it.

5. Custom Domain Names

With Pixieset I am free to create a unique domain name for my galleries. I’ll be the first to admit that having “pixieset” in the name sounds a bit like a gallery full of unicorns, rainbows and glitter. Thankfully they made it possible to create your own custom domain name and have it pointed to their server so I can make it whatever domain name I would like.

6. Control of Expiration Dates on Galleries

I love that with Pixieset I can determine when a gallery will expire. That means if I want a portrait gallery to expire in 60 days, a wedding in 12 months or some galleries for vendors for example to stay open indefinitely… I can set them up to do just that. I have complete control over all the expiration dates.


7. Pay Per Storage Needed Not Per Event

Rather than pay for each event, I can now just pay for the storage that I need. In fact many users of the program could probably get by with the free or basic version of the program. What is also nice is that you only need to start paying for the larger storage options when you reach those levels. Start low and as you need extra storage they will charge you pro rated for the rest of the month when you move to the next level.


8. Upload Original Size Images

With Pixieset whatever size image I upload is what ends up on their server. It is not downsized or compressed. I can download whatever I upload. You would think that uploading larger files would make for a slower process but instead I have actually noticed a faster upload process even with the larger file sizes.

9. More Download Options - Pin Number / Email Restrictions

Once the images are online you can give your clients the choice to download in original file size, high resolution or even web versions. You can also assign a pin number to the gallery so that only those with the pin number have access to download. Lastly you can restrict who has access to download images by their email address.


10. Easy To Find Download All Icon

For whatever reason some gallery programs like to hide or bury the "download all pictures" button deep in the menus or in non-visible slide out menus. Fortunately Pixieset makes it easy for my clients by making the download all icon easy to find along the top toolbar.


These 10 things helped me realize Pixieset was the best solution for my client galleries. While I only listed ten things here, the program has many other great features. I have also been highly impressed with their dedication to listening to customer feedback and adding new features regularly. If you are a Pixieset user and would like to mingle with more users of the program there is a page on Facebook for users to get together and help one another out. You can find it here.

If you want to read more about Pixieset check out Zach Sutton's review here.

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Check out

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PIN for downloading the whole collection, but no PIN for downloading individual images. Why more people dont see this as a huge issue is weird.

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Update: Pixieset store seems to work OK

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Quick question... when someone orders a print from this page ( do they take care of print, delivery, frames, etc... or that will still fall in our hands?