You Have Less Than 30 Days To Book The Fstoppers Workshop

You Have Less Than 30 Days To Book The Fstoppers Workshop

On May 28th - June 1st Fstoppers is hosting our first ever photography workshop in the Bahamas at Atlantis Resort. We signed a contract with the resort which guaranteed our attendees the cheapest possible hotel rates. After fees, the cheapest room at the resort is usually over $450. The attendees of our workshop pay less than $200/room and they can be shared at no extra cost. Sadly there is a catch. 

Our incredible room rates end on April 21st. Atlantis resort was kind enough to reserve more rooms than we needed for our workshop but 36 days before the event, all of those rooms will go up for sale to the public at full price.

Our workshop has room for around 100-150 students. The strangest part of this situation is that we have over 900 people who have signed up for our event but only 71 have paid, reserving their spot. I realize that most photographers like waiting until the last minute but I never thought that we would have over 800 people waiting until the last minute.

Obviously there are going to be some unhappy people if/when this event sells out but I just wanted to give everyone a fair warning; If you are waiting until the last minute, the absolute "last minute" will be April 21 because after that, the hotel prices will double.

To learn more about our workshop check out the video below and head over to



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