Learn Studio Lighting Techniques From Mark Wallace

As you have probably heard, Fstoppers is hosting a 5 day photography workshop in the Bahamas from May 28 - June 1. Mark Wallace is one of our top instructors this year and he is going to be focusing mostly on the technical aspects of photography. Recently Mark released more information about each of his 4 classes.





Studio Lighting 101
Max students: 15
Length: 8 hours
Date: May 28th
Price: $400

Studio lighting 101 is the most reasonably priced class in the entire Fstoppers Workshop lineup. For 8 hours you will have hands-on experience with one of the most well known photography instructors in the world. Expect to learn the fundamentals of portrait studio lighting and what it takes to get professional results. The class will include plenty of hands-on exercises that will allow you to learn from practical experience. The focus of this class is on portrait photography and is intended for those who have little or no understanding of studio lighting. You'll be shooting with a professional model in the studio for most of the workshop. Learn more

Speedlights 101
Max students: 20
Length: 8 hours
Date: May 29th
Price: $450

Speedlights are probably the most powerful lighting tool an any photographers disposal. If you're interested in learning every detail about these little strobes and how to take them off the camera to get studio quality light, this class is for you. This 8 hour class also includes a photo walk that evening to test out your new knowledge with Mark. Learn more

Studio Lighting, Beyond the Basics
Max students: 6
Length: 8 hours
Date: May 31st
Price: $1200

If you already have some experience in a studio setting you will be interested in Studio Lighting, Beyond the Basics. This class will be limited to a maximum of 6 students meaning that each one person will have a ton of one on one time with Mark. During the 8 hours class Mark will focus on a huge number of lighting schemes and techniques to get a wide variety of looks. Expect to leave this class as a confident studio shooter and a complete studio portfolio. Learn more

Kick Start Your Creativity
Max Students: 20
Length: 8 Hours
Date: June 1st
Price: $450

As photographers we all struggle to stay creative at times. Maybe our ideas feel stale or we simply lack motivation. If you'd like you to push your photography to the next conceptual level, you won't want to miss this class. Learn more.

Check out this video to learn more about the workshop in general and head over to fstoppersworkshops.com to check out all of the other instructors.


On Feburary 1st we are choosing 1 person at random who has signed up for classes at our workshop and we are giving them a full refund on whatever classes they have purchased. You have 2 days left to take advantage of this contest.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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These workshops seem great, but it would be awesome if fstoppers would review them and pass their findings on .


My friend, you may not like it, but the people behind this website and their peers need an income as well. Besides loads of affiliate links, this is a good way for a website like this to not only generate income, but also allow their readers a first hand, hands-on experience with the experts in the field. It's not very likely they give that up and post it in full on the website. Some snippets, sure - but the entire thing? People got to eat! :P

My mistake I think , I used the wrong wording . My intent was to ask for a review of the workshops not particular material . Just thought it would be cool if the workshops would be reviewed since they are being promoted that's all . In no way I was suggesting that material be handed ou freely . I have no way of knowing all the associated costs with the workshops , but I'm fully aware and appreciate you guys needing to make a living .

We have a few people from other well known websites coming down to blog and review the event from an outside perspective.

As for making a living off this workshop, FS (specifically Lee and I) are probably going to lose money on this first workshop. It's more of a test to see if it is something we want to continue based on the reaction, attendance, response from the instructors, etc. All the instructors are simply teaching a class they already teach on their own; we are just putting them all together in one centralize location and hosting the whole thing. As you can imagine, the amount of money required to secure rooms for everyone, offer amazing room rates, supply class rooms, host a few parties, and otherwise provide a kickass atmosphere is nothing to shake a stick at. From the response already though, this event is going to be an awesome time for sure. We will def film some material for future releases on the main site for sure!

The whole event does sound awesome . It would be nice if you guys could stage similar events in the future here in the states . Thanks for the response .

Our thought was more people might want to go to some place tropical which would offer a vacation spot for those with families, kids, significant others. If we threw this event in say Charleston or New York, flights would be about the same cost (around $400) and hotels might actually be more expensive ($170 in nassau vs $200+ in charleston and often $300+ in New York). Unless we came to a city which someone was from, the cost to fly to a local US city vs the Bahamas is exactly the same if not cheaper.

Mark is going to disappear for a couple years. Good luck Mark! Kudos.

Since here in Brazil we have limited photography traninig material, I have been the biggest Mark Wallace fan. All his training videos sponsored by Adorama have thought me so many tricks and tips to improve my photography. I will be so cool to meet him personally and improve my studio skills with some beautiful portraits at the end of the class. Thanks again Lee Morris. FStoppers page is my homepage and my 1 hour photography training class everyday!