Photographer Has a Close Call With Flipping Car

When using a camera on a race track it's best to be cautious, and in this case really lucky. What looks like a back woods rally circuit, there are a multitude of onlookers and spectators for the day's racing. We see the number 50 car becomes airborne on a ramped corner in the beginning of the video, and while attempting to hold the line over compensates for the turn and careens toward a camera man pitched at the end of the inside of the turn.

Move Over Nikon: Hasselblad X1D Beats the D850 on DxOMark With a Score of 102

Another day and another DxOMark rating has been broken. This time, however, I don't think it comes as a massive surprise. The Nikon D850 has so far been highly commended, and most, if not all, reviewers probably consider it to be the best DSLR currently available on the market. DxOMark gave it a rating of a clean 100 making it the highest rated stills camera for a brief moment. Since then, Hasselblad has taken that crown with the X1D-50c.

A Quick Guide to Lens Whacking

From coating your lenses with Vaseline to creating pinhole cameras, we all love experimenting with camera and lens hacks from time to time. While it's hardly a new found trick, and while it's not as harmful as it sounds, lens whacking can give you impressive effects to give your footage just that extra bit of finesse and adds a lovely romantic element overall, especially when combined with slow-motion footage.

Fstoppers Reviews the Most Versatile Light Shaper, the Broncolor Para 88HR

Broncolor is recognized in the photography industry as one of the most high-end flash brands available on the market. They are best known for their very reliable power pack systems and their extensive range of light shapers. Amongst the latter, there is one in particular that makes any photographer's eyes light up, and it’s the Para. It’s such a gorgeous piece of gear that some people even use it to decorate TV shows. But don’t think for a second it means it can’t perform just because it’s beautifully designed. It’s quite the opposite as you’ll discover through this Broncolor Para 88 kit review.

Five Reasons I Process to Black and White

Reproducible photography started with forms that would produce a monochromatic image. For a large portion of the history of the medium, this was all we had. Color photography brought about a choice as to which you would like to use, and over time it became the dominant choice of consumers and professionals alike. Even so, in the art world it persisted for much longer as the choice of the artist and right up to the overwhelming force of digital, dozens of different black and white films were still in production. As digital photographers, we have the choice, most of us after the fact, to make a black and white conversion of our files. Today, I’d like to talk about my thought process when it comes to making the decision to go black and white.

Tips On Distortion Tools: Warp, Puppet Warp, and Liquify

Photoshop has a multitude of distortion tools that allow you to correct parts that distract from your image or they can creatively alter the image into a new reality. With so many options is it best to know which tools work best for optimal results in the final image. With the three most popular and sometimes misunderstood explained here you will be able to take those images that might have been discarded and create something new.

On Staying True to Yourself as a Creative

Creative pursuits these days often seem to be a tightrope act of being true to yourself and creating content that is marketable to a wide audience, especially if your financial well-being is tied to those pursuits. It's important, however, to never lose sight of who you are as a creative. Else, why are you doing this?

Fstoppers Interviews Limor Garfinkle on Her Upcoming Photo Gallery Exhibition, 'The Comedians'

Photographer and Fstoppers alum Limor Garfinkle has been working on a very interesting project for the last two years: designing and shooting portraits of comedians that show off their unique personalities. Now, the project is ready for its gallery premiere at the TBS Comedy Hub as part of the New York Comedy Festival, with the proceeds benefiting the Mount Sinai Division of ADHD and Learning Disorders. Fstoppers recently interviewed her about the process and fun experience of shooting these portraits.

A Complete Guide to Lightroom CC

Adobe recently released the latest version of the desktop version of Lightroom, which is now dubbed "Lightroom Classic CC." Alongside it, they released Lightroom CC, an entirely new application that moves things to the cloud and seems to be targeted mostly toward advanced amateurs, but that also includes some interesting features along with the ability to integrate with the desktop version pros are used to. This helpful video will get you up and running on the new Lightroom CC.

DSLR Guide Explains 'Why Not?' When It Comes to Creating

I stumbled upon this video earlier today and it was one of those things that really made me think. What if I didn't do what I do? Would I be happy or would I regret not doing it? I find that a lot of people are content doing the work they do or working the job they work. I believe that it is when we push ourselves to be creative or work harder and put our stuff out there for it to be seen, that we begin to take the right steps forward. The question "why not?" acts as a motivator to go out and create because all the reasons "we can't" are just excuses as to why we aren't.

Working With Kids: The Challenges and Rewards

As a photographer, working with children can be incredibly challenging at times, but it can also be just as much fun. I have found that there is no real secret behind taking great shots of kids, but rather it comes down to how you navigate interacting with each child while on the shoot. The range of personalities that kids will display is incredibly diverse, this means that it is unlikely that you will be able to interact with any given child the same way that you did with another. This also means that it will be really easy to capture very unique shots on every single shoot.

Capturing Beautiful Landscapes in Difficult Weather

If you are an outdoor photographer of any kind, bad weather is something that will eventually affect you. In his latest video, landscape photographer Thomas Heaton ventures out to the coast of Northern Ireland in rough conditions. He shares the benefits of shooting in bad weather, some tips for dealing with the outdoors, as well as the joy he finds in journeying through the wind and rain to get the image he wants.

A Simple Way to Extend Your Audio Tracks

When creating videos, sometimes finding that perfect song, music score, or track takes a while. Then when you place it together and the music isn’t long enough, manually cutting and extending the track can take some time. What if I told you there’s an easy and automated way to extend your selected track to any length.

Handy Tips for Outdoor Couple Photography

As a wedding photographer, outdoor couple shoots are undoubtedly my favorites. On the big day, it gets overwhelming with little scope to get planned shots. We tend to go with the flow. For this reason, outdoor couple shoots are a treat to any photographer as it offers a lot of time and space. Here are my two cents on how to make your outdoor couple shoot an enjoyable and a memorable one.