Did The Romney Campaign Photoshop This Or Is Someone Just Terrible With Their iPhone?

So before anyone thinks I am expressing any political views on Fstoppers, know this, I AM NOT. I came across this yesterday and at first glance I thought, "well look, a politician lying, SURPRISE SURPRISE," but then upon further examination I have decided for myself that this is just someone who shot a terrible panoramic on their iPhone. Maybe Mitt needs to hire someone with a little more photo knowledge to run his Instagram account.

Portrait: A Documentary Insatgram vs Professional

Andy Newman created this intriguing documentary that explores the question "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart. In this film, photographer Andria Lindquist and web designer/ professional instagramer Cory Staudacher talk about their outlook on photography and how it has impacted their life. Two points I couldn't agree more on is how Cory talks about how important sharing your work and building a community is, and Andria talks about following your heart and continue to do what makes you truly happy.

RAW Timelapse Tutorial Part II: Preproduction Preparations

The next chapter in Preston Kanak's 'The RAW Timelapse Tutorial' series is now available for free on Preston's Vimeo page. In this chapter Preston goes over the importance of planning your timelapse (pre-production) in three different sections: Story, Scheduling and Scouting. This tutorial will help you plan your production accordingly to help your margin for error decrease, so that your shoot runs smoother.

On the Ground: The FS Perspective of Hurricane Sandy

I don't expect many of you have lived through a natural disaster, and that's a good thing. Up until this point, the worst I had ever experienced was a couple of earthquakes, the most damaging of which occurred when I was a toddler. But these past few days living in the heart of Manhattan (and Jerrit, Noam, and Jon as well, spread out across the city) have been a scary, eye-opening challenge.

Facebook Offering Another Option For Fans To See Your Posts

According to InsideFacebook.com Facebook is rolling out a new feature soon for users to opt-in to receive a notification each time a page they follow posts something new. This seems to be Facebook's solution to all the business page owners frustrated by their posts not showing up in their fans news feeds because of the Facebook algorithm. Read on to learn more about it and let us know in the comments what you think.

Adorama Charging Station For New York Power Outage

As most of you are aware, the lower section of Manhattan is still without power. Luckily our friends at Adorama have setup a charging station to help juice up your portable electronics. In this video Mark Wallace encourages everyone to spread the word since most of those residents won't be active online. If you own any powerpacks like the Alien Bee Vagabond, if you charge it up you can get multiple charges for your cell phones or laptops.

Mirrorless Camera Roundup: So Who's the Best?

Fstoppers Mirrorless Month really got me rethinking the entire small-camera strategy. I’m normally someone who doesn’t mind lugging a camera mounted to an 18th-century cannon, so long as it can take better photographs than the thing before it. But holding so many small cameras every day gets me thinking, is there another, better way to do this? And if so, what’s the best...?

Eerie Photos From An Underground World

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a wonderful series that features the exploration of the unknown. Photographer Steve Duncan has been exploring the underground for years. Whether it's from sewers, subways, or tunnels, everything is fair game. Check out a few of his pictures he's taken along the way. As a bonus, we've also included a video of his journey.

Parkour and a Flexible POV With a Multicopter

I'm always a fan of watching talented humans. Parkour is one of those activities which I'll never be good at, but am amazed to watch. HeliPOV had the same idea and decided that parkour group 3RUN should be shown off to the rest of us. The HeliPOV team was kind enough to film the groups jumps and dives using their multicopter. Not only does this clip show off some fun acrobatics, but it also gives a sense of what kind of shots a multicopter can pull off.

Spectacular Food Photography by Hannah Queen

If you're in the mood for food, take a look at these shots. They made my mouth water with the way the lighting, layout and processing has been executed. "Hannah Queen is from Georgia, USA, and her pictures have a touch of that southern sweetness. She loves photographing natural, comfort-rich foods, like fresh fruit and honey with tea. Her homey pictures make you want to live somewhere peaceful, start a garden, or just visit Georgia for a bag of peaches."

Disney Acquires Lucasfilm, Star Wars Franchise: More Star Wars Films Coming

In the most unexpected yet earth-shattering news in recent film and video memory, Disney has agreed to purchase Lucasfilm for a reported $4.05 billion. Along with that purchase, Disney has stated that it will continue to produce original Star Wars films and related material. Since I know that most all of our readers grew up watching Star Wars and at some point in their life have pretended to wield a lightsaber, this has got to be the greatest Star Wars news in some time.

Here Come The Halloween Zombies - Photoshoot With Lighting Diagram

I love zombies and wanted to commemorate them in a holiday e-card I created to send to my client mailing list. I did this a couple of years back, but never really promoted on other sites until now. I called on some friends for props, extras, zombie makeup, and styling. My total expense was probably around $150-200 to pay for zombie clothing and rent a big industrial fog machine. I used 4 lights, including one behind the fog machine to create that great glow.

Lindsay Adler Explains Creative Photoshop Techniques

Let's face it, as much as we want to believe great photographs are created "in camera", every single image you see published has been manipulated in Photoshop in some way. When it comes to producing attention grabbing photos, having a strong grasp on post production goes a long way. Oct 30th - Nov 1st fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will be setting down the camera and teaching everything she knows about retouching in her creativeLIVE workshop Retouching and Creative Photoshop. If you have a few spare minutes, be sure to tune into her free video stream. The full workshop description is

Timothy White Shoots For Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue

Timothy White has always been one of my favorite photographers and in this video he gives us a quick talk about his inspiration for some of the images in this years Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue. It's light on technical details and more interested in the feeling behind each of the images which is something that is rarely touched on in behind the scenes videos. His final shots are cinematic and beautifully lit and have a feel unlike most celebrity portraiture these days. Click through for the video link.

The Fstoppers Photo Plus Party Pictures Are Live

On Friday we threw a party at Peter Hurley's studio and opened it up to the public to celebrate Photo Plus in NYC. Over 400 people showed up and luckily we never ran out of drinks (in other words it was a big success). Peter built a wacky photobooth out of some AstroTurf he "found" and the characters that showed up for the party knew exactly what to do with it. These photobooth pictures are finally available here. Now that we know we can draw a crowd we will plan to do it even...

Ken Hermann Shoots Pro Skaters for Hasselblad Masters 2012

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ken Hermann is the winner of the General Category in the Hasselblad Masters Awards. The behind the scenes video above gives a brief look at his work involving pro skaters. “It’s a big honour for me and I’m really proud because this is one of the most prestigious and well-known awards in the industry,” he says. “Winning the award will give me the chance to show my work to a global audience including potential international customers and agencies.”

Night Photography: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Scott Martin and Lance Keimig are not just your ordinary landscape photographers, they use light painting to make artistic landscape photographs. By leaving the shutter open and using a flash light they are able to get some really unique shots. They talk about everything that goes into making these photographs and how these shots are one of a kind. It also appears they are using gels on the flashlights to get some different colors throughout the shot. Scott and Martin also run workshops in Texas to teach their process.