Giving Back –  Heartfelt Photography

As a photographer, there's often one question I hate little more than “I was wondering if you'd take a couple shots for me for free?” However, as human being, I think there's something to be said for photographers and videographers offering to do shoots for which people can never repay you.

Landscape Photography In the Studio

Canadian-Hungarian artist Eszter Burghardt, based in Vancouver BC (represent!) has photographed some amazing landscapes from the comfort of her own studio. All it took was some edibles elements or wool, lighting, a keen understanding of DOF (depth of field), the talent of a sculptor and the inspiration she gained from her time and studies in Iceland. Ok, so that's a lot but you can draw from your own experiences and know-how to turn out some awesomely creative work too.

Final Chance: Fstoppers Is Giving Away Another D800 or 5DM3

Last month we gave a Canon 5DM3 away in our Facebook Fan Contest. The contest was such a success we decided to do it again. Just like last month, to enter the contest you simply have to "like" 3 Facebook pages. If you get anyone else to sign up for the contest you will receive an additional 3 entries per person raising your chances of winning considerably. Check out the full post for all the details.

Free creativeLIVE Workshop: Learn Photo/Video Fusion this Weekend

Update: Live Now! As a wedding photographer myself, I think the most important thing any photographer can do for their business is adding video to their services. I met Rob and Vanessa earlier this year and was excited to hear they are teaching this new "Fusion" video/photo hybrid to other photographers. On June 29 - July 1, creativeLIVE is airing their 3 day workshop for free! Learn how you can easily incorporate video into your photography business from two of the industry's leaders.

Canon 7D to Get Substantial Firmware Update

Canon has announced the impending arrival of Firmware v2.0.X for the Canon 7D, which has a whole host of upgrades that is bound to make any 7D owner jump with glee. Included is an increase to the maximum burst rate, GPS compatibility, increase in maximum limit for auto ISO, manual audio level adjustments and in-camera RAW processing among the eleven upgrades to the popular camera.

Fstoppers Reviews the Delkin Fat Gecko

Clever camera angles and captivating b-roll are important when making a solid and complete video product. When you’re on the move in a car, dune buggy, sailboat or tank, great videographers create enthralling footage by capturing unusual angles and movement. The Delkin Fat Gecko shines as a low-cost, effective suction mount for any slick surface that allows you to get your camera in the face of the mobile action.

Photography In Motion. How Two Exposures Can Trick Your Brain.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical data along the scalp. (source Wiki) This was Isabel M. Martinez's inspiration when she concocted this unique way of capturing images on her custom fitted Hasselblad. The camera has been modified with in-camera masks which then takes two exposures and merges them together in the vertical slats you see in the photos. Her series, Quantum Blink, definitely have movement in them, reminding me of those old hologram cards from childhood.

A Tumblr Site Aimed at Outing  Photo Thieves

It's sometimes hard for me to believe that people can be so unscrupulous as to blatantly take steal someone else's work and pan it off as their own. But sadly it happens far more often than we are aware of. Which is why someone has created a Tumblr site dedicated to outing offenders in our industry. So, if you catch wind of a "photographer" or service that is clearly ripping off your fellow shooters you should consider submitting the intel to Photo Stealers Submit Form.

Canon's Mixed Reality Project Shows What The Future Of Design And Production Looks Like

Canon's Mixed Reality (MR) Project may shape the future in many areas, from the conception of an idea to design and all the way to production. It helps to generate a virtual interactive product even before production begins. This video illustrates how fusing the world between the real world and virtual world may be advantageous in many ways . How do you think it will impact photography? Check out the full post for more details.

Not Your Typical MUA (Illusionary Makeup)

A Japanese university student who goes by Chooo-san creates some amazing realistic effects with nothing more than acrylic paints and talent. She does everything by hand with no digital editing at all.

Seeing her work has definitely fired a few synapsis in my brain and has me mulling over some fun shoot concepts. If you can get your hands on an MUA (make up artist) with this kind of talent your imagination is the only limit.

Using an SD and CF Card Simultaneously in your 5D MKIII Might Be a Bad Idea

Recently, Jeff Cable from Lexar published a blog post explaining a rather curious choice on Canon's part. It seems that the 5D Mark III was built with one very fast CF slot which supports the newer UDMA7 protocol and a standard SD card slot which does NOT support the high speed standard (called UHS). Without UHS support, the top speed that can be achieved by the SD card is 133x. Because the 5D MKIII defaults to the slowest memory card speed inserted in the camera, your CF speed could get short-changed by the SD card.

The Wednesday Rundown 6.27.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a great shoot and edit of Norah Jones' photo shoot for Time Out NY. The photographer, Dale May, shows us how he created the final composite for the magazine cover. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

Photography Rules For Idiots

Latvian photographer, Ivars Gravlejs, has created a great and funny list of rules for idiots who also want to be photographers, or at least who want to take pictures. The format is simple to understand for the morons that need process this information as it is a "This, not that" kind of deal. Everyone of us knows a few people that could benefit from this post and can help them stop sucking so bad at taking pictures. However, you can't really take this too seriously.

A  Finesse With Pixels: Framed Interviews High-End Retoucher, Pratik Naik

Polishing your photos for the world to see is an important step in a photographer's workflow. Retouching can both be a photographer's favorite step in the process or can cause a massive headache. Framed Network has interviewed Fstoppers' very own, Pratik Naik, for their web series of artistic professionals. His work has graced the pages of ELLE, Maxim, Vouge and Marie Claire upon others. Pratik was kind enough not to just give an interview with Framed, but also give the audience a small look into his daily routine of retouching.

Using Your DSLR for Multiple Exposure Photography

While scooting through Paris, prolific photographer and Fstoppers submitter, Benjamin Von Wong set to the task of photographing master pyrotechnician Andrey Das. Ben has already done a couple shoots with fire (1-2) so to keep growing as an artist and a professional his team decided to challenge themselves. Check out the resulting video and the photos in the full post where

The Making Of A Colorado Tourism Video

What do you do when the product you are trying to sell is an entire state? When that state is Colorado, it's not hard to find majestic scenery to showcase the state in it's grandeur. Director Tim Kemple, in collaboration with Forge Motion and Karsh/Hagan, crafted a series of spots for the state of Colorado, all being set to music by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. This making-of video takes you through their process of crafting these ads. Click on the full post for a few of the final commercials.

Instaglasses Concept: The Instagram Glasses That Show The World In Filters

We recently showed you the idea of what a instagram camera would look like here. Now, this concept by Markus Gerke shows it reduced down to glasses. The idea is that you can take a picture and apply a filter with your glasses. In effect, you can see the world through instagram filters and share it with everyone. Even though this concept won't come true, it might have been a big hit with Instagram addicts. Would this be something you would have bought if they were real?

Awesome Silhouette Portraits At Sunset

Photographer Irving Lubis (Pink Sword), based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has captured a captivating group of images by shooting silhouettes against the setting sun. With everything from children to field workers and cattle, Lubis' series leaves you with a sense of mystery and fantasy. As simple as these shots can be to make, the composition is what grabs me most. Enjoy!