DJI Phantom 2 Now Features Autonomous Flight

DJI has been a major player in the quadcopter arena for quite some time. While there are MANY other brands out there, DJI has set out to make flying easy, especially for those with no experience. Now it will be even easier to start flying thanks to the addition of Autonomous flight. They call it Ground Station.

With a recent app update from DJI, you can now set up to 16 GPS waypoints that the Phantom will follow. The best part is that it will not follow any coordinates which are outside of its range. And if the battery falls below 30% it will automatically come back from where it took off. 

Does this feature make the DJI more of a "drone" in your opinion? Will this be helpful for photographers and videographers to concentrate on getting the shot without the need for a second person to control flight patterns?

Check out the DJI Phantom 2 here.

[via Gizmodo]

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Noam Galai's picture

I need this

Gabriel Cruz's picture

That makes two of us.

Michael Mellon's picture

How do you like the Phantom Noam?

Josh Crump's picture

Wow, this is something I'd love to have.

Travis Valtierra's picture

I wonder if this could be used with the Zenmuse gimbal and gopro setup?

Michael Mellon's picture

Check out their website. I'm pretty sure you can.

Hussam N's picture

I am looking into different drones. This seems like a good one. However, I wonder about stability for video. I would also like to use my gopro instead. Does anyone have experience with drones and would be willing to offer some advice?

Gabriel Cruz's picture

I was wondering "when" such thing would came up. It would be outstanding if we could design some flight/shot and hit the start/record button. With this update it is getting close. You still need to control the camera movement. For example, I would love to design a fly around a subject and make the camera control (or maintain) the focus on the subject.

I saw this video yesterday [ ] where Jeff (the videographer) seem to have some hard time maintaining the focus into his subject while flying around the Coit Tower in San Francisco. Not a gap of his, of course. It does seems hard to do it smoothly,

Chris Blair's picture

Sheesh, my Phantom 1 is already out-dated. I can't keep up.

Michael Mellon's picture

I've been looking a lot into quad copters lately. There are so many different choices. The Phantom definitely seems to be the best entry level choice. I'd love to have a Cinestar, but cannot even fathom dropping that kind of money. Some day maybe.

Ahmed Agbabiaka's picture

DJI products are way over priced. They've added 16 waypoints? you can't program any meaningful mission with only 16 waypoints. There are better and cheaper frames out there and when paired to flight controllers like Arducopter, AutoQuad or Multiwii pro, you get a better system that includes damn near unlimited waypoints for free.