Go Behind the Scenes of an Air-to-Air Shoot of a Boeing 787

Have you ever wondered where those amazing air-to-air shots you see in airline marketing videos and the like come from? Go behind the scenes of Wolfe Air Aviation's marketing work with Air Canada for their new livery on the Boeing 787-9 and one of the coolest photoshoots you'll ever see.

This great behind the scenes video comes from Everyday Reviews. The Learjet 25B used for this shoot should make most photo and video enthusiasts salivate. Replete with RED and Alexa equipment, 360-degree cameras, 50-megapixel Canon 5DS Rs, and more, the follow aircraft is a flying dream for most photographers and aviation enthusiasts (seriously, can I buy tickets for that plane!?). Even cooler is that these flights push the subject aircraft well past any sort of maneuvers you would experience on a normal passenger flight (listen for the audible "bank angle" warning from the EGPWS at 8:22). Believe it or not, the Learjet gets as close as 25 to 50 feet of the wingtips and rudder of the 787, thus the presence of formation-qualified pilots on both planes. It takes amazing skill and vision to pull this off, but the results are truly astounding, and it's well worth watching how it all comes together. 

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Got to fly in that bad-boy once. Very cramped haha, lot's a great gear tho.

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WHAT. Story. Now.

Used to work for WestJet Airlines doing some of their Photography and Video Productions. When we did one of our Air-To-Air video/photo shoots with Wolfe Air I got to tag along and shoot a BTS video, that was shown internally.

One type of shot we were told to avoid by Marketing was a shot of the WestJet plane doing a hard bank, because if people were in there they'd be flying out of their seats... This of course is not true at all but Marketing thought so ;)

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Great stuff.

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This is awesome!

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Thanks for awesome article and video!!! It's just stunning!

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Amazing !!!

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Mother of god. Incredible.

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Thats awesome! I'd love to shoot air to air photos some day! I'm a Boeing Industrial Engineer (777X) and just love the publicity the 87 and 37 are getting! Can't wait for the 777-8 and -9 to come out :D

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Super Cool!