GoPro Releases Karma Drone Alongside Hero5 Black and Session Cameras with Gorgeous, Action-Packed Video

GoPro has brilliantly teased us with its careful, controlled releases of Karma drone videos. Today, they've launched the new Karma alongside a pair of Hero5 cameras that are as wonderful to see as the Karma itself. Advanced stabilization looks impressive in the videos (see the mountain biking scene at 1:53), but something to note is how cinematic the image quality now looks. It won't be as easy to tell GoPro footage from other high-quality cameras. And about that Karma: does $799, remote, backpack case, and gimbal handgrip included get you excited?

Let's start with the Karma. GoPro decided to make the gimbal and actual drone system modular in their interaction. The Karma kit comes with an additional grip that the gimbal slides into in order to create a stabilized, handheld gimbal for your GoPro. When you're finished on the ground, simply pop the motor/head unit back into the Karma. While it's true that you still have to supply your own GoPro, the handgrip provides an extra feature that mobile video shooters are easily spending a few hundred dollars on anyway. There's no doubt GoPro hopes to take some of DJI's Osmo Mobile market.

The Karma has user-replaceable arms, propellers, and landing gear feet so you can replace whatever might get damaged or worn out in the future. While the Karma forgoes any obstacle-sensing safety features, it does have built-in no-fly zones to help you keep out of restricted airspace. Its compact form makes the drone quite small compared to its competitors too, with arms that fold away at its side. The drone, handheld grip, and remote easily fit into a custom-molded, thin-profile backpack included with the kit, all for just $799 and shipping October 23rd.

Hero5 Black

The Hero5 Black is the best GoPro yet. With a new voice control feature, the Hero5 Black also features a new power button setting allows a single-press, simultaneous power on and record function so you're always ready. The most exciting features, perhaps, come from those that help the Hero5 Black's video look much more cinematic. Built-in stabilization smoothes out video that also doesn't look nearly as distorted as typical GoPro footage. The 4K sample videos released today look incredible, as will raw and HDR photos, which are also now available with the Hero5 Black.

This is all built into a still-waterproof body that houses a touch screen and built-in GPS for accurate location tagging.

The Hero5 Black will be available October 2nd for $399.99.

Hero5 Session

The Hero5 Session is GoPro's next-generation cube-shaped action camera with many of the Black's same features, but in a more compact shape and at a more affordable $299.99. While it keeps the amazing image stabilization and 4K video quality, it drops the touch screen, GPS, and raw and HDR photo capture capabilities. Still images also drop to 10 megapixels, down from the Black's 12 MP shooting.

The Hero5 Session will also be available October 2nd.

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Anonymous's picture

I am curious to how rugged the Karma is. At first glance it doesn't appear to be, which could be problematic on an entry level drone..

Bill Peppas's picture

The price for the drone kit is almost too good to be true.
It's "affordable" in a way that it can make somebody who wasn't looking for a drone to lure him in and purchase it.

Waiting for some reviews to see how it fares.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

The Hero 5 Black can do RAW stills?!? That's kind of awesome!

Martin Beebee's picture

That's what I was thinking too. Anyone know if they're going to use the DNG format or something proprietary?

Hopefully this is Karma for DJI and the years of terrible customer service and support. Nothing would delight me more than having an alternative to that horrible company.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Alas, if only they used a slightly bigger 1/1.7" sensor...

Budiman Grimboy's picture

ini luar biasa keren kawan :D