In the Spirit of July 4th, Watch a DJI Phantom Fly Through Fireworks

Ah July 4th. For us in the United States, this national holiday calls for hot dogs, beer and most importantly fireworks. YouTuber Jos Stinglingh may have published this video of a DJI Phantom 2 and a GoPro a couple months ago in West Palm Beach, Florida, but there are few dates more apt to view it than today. 

Happy fourth of July everyone!

[Via Reddit]

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Damn some of those fireworks shot right by!

Really awesome.
Sometimes it looks like a WWII bomber caught in the middle of the flack, sometimes like the USS Enterprise speeding up to warp 20.
Good choice for the music, it really fits.
I didn't know those phantoms could fly that high.

This is amazing

Agreed, good find!

This is amazing.....for a moment or two, it almost took a direct hit...brilliant POW

nice stuff :P

Fabulous shots. Loved it.

That's just awesome. I'm surprised the camera didn't get hit harder by the fireworks.

Thanks Fstoppers for posting another drone video that will make them highly regulated. The video may look nice, but again, another reckless pilot flying a drone in a unsafe manner. Maybe you should have a new section called "Jackass- The Drone Version".

I don't see an issue with this use. He's over water so the only danger here is loosing the drone.

The issue is that it is being flown in a reckless manner. R/C aircraft have existed peacefully for that last 60 years. Now a bunch of idiotic pilots flying the lastest quad copter are going to ruin it for everyone else.

As an RC pilot for several years myself I understand where Felix is coming from. Yes it is over water and could just plunge to the drink below no problem right? Unfortunately if the pilot doesn't make sure the GPS function is working correctly before launch these DJI's could possibly have a mind of its own. The other item of concern would be commercial flight traffic as well as general aviation concerns. I am sure you do not want one of these flying in the oncoming path of any populated aircraft. This technology is now being sold to everyday consumers that have never piloted any aircraft before as such you should be able to demonstrate that you can control the craft in a manual mode vs the ATTI mode that 99% of everyday consumers will use for photo/video. Point is I love my quad. I want everyone to love these quads but it's only going to take one to cause a catastrophic accident laying waste to what could have been. If you want to fly higher maybe get clearance from the tower to fly higher in that airspace.

Wow :| Best use of the phantom to date

Thanks for posting, that was amazing!

That was great. Thanks for posting. Did you have the 2 axis or 3 axis gimbal?

I thought it was going down for sure! Nice post.

Man, I'd be so scared it would get hit. But what a way to get footage! Fresh look as opposed to the typical view from the ground!

un seul mot magnifique

Bravo!! A very interesting view of the fireworks. Lucky he did not kill someone, that's what the general public will say.

The more risky stunts that show up in the media, the stricter the FAA Regulations will be, when they write them. The best way to kill the industry is to fly risky flights.

Great video, but I agree with some of the skeptics. If the drone happened to ricochet a firework or stop it from reaching full height, the firework could explode lower or in another area than expected. Let alone if there were 50 of these guys up there.

BUT in regards to the video, AWESOME and loved the perspective! :)