How I Edited This Yellow Warbler Bird Photo

In this new video from my YouTube channel, I show you the behind-the-scenes photo edit of a beautiful perched yellow warbler.

This image was taken in the spring of this year on the second day that the yellow warblers arrived in my area. On the first day, I spent hours upon hours working with one bird waiting for it to get it close enough to photograph. On the second day, as you can see I was almost too close and had many yellow warblers to choose from! This was taken with the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV and Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM lens at 1/200s, f/4, ISO 160.

The three programs used for the edit are Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Topaz DeNoise AI. In Lightroom, I show how I make basic exposure and color adjustments, use the adjustment brush for selective editing, and use the radial filter to add a custom vignette. Over in Photoshop, I run DeNoise AI as a plug-in to add sharpening and for a little bit of noise reduction, then also use curves adjustment layers for dodging and burning. If you want a simple way to clone out twigs and branches, that’s also shown in Photoshop as well.

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LA M's picture

Fair job...but I'll stick with Dfine...they don't seem that far apart and the money is right. Nice shot!

Ryan Mense's picture

I used Dfine for a long time with landscape images. Nothing wrong with sticking to what works. Thanks for watching 🙂