How Wildlife Filmmakers Are Getting Closer Than Ever Before

In the last few years, advances in technology have allowed for filmmakers to do some pretty amazing things. With the accessibility of cameras like the Go-Pro, the gap between amateur and pro is narrowing. Enter award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer and his quest to push the remarkable. Filmmakers are putting these high-resolution spy cameras in everything from fake rocks to swimming ducks and to motorized piles of snow... and the resulting footage is remarkable.

Of course all the technological advances in the world don't count for much without the countless research and time invested in studying the animals' behavior to make sure they get that great footage. Check out more content by John Downer Productions here and more from BBC Motion here.

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Anonymous's picture

I wish I could take a year off and just go photograph wild animals. That's one of my life dreams. I've gotten a taste of it and it's hard to beat the fun and challenge of it. The GoPro defiantly gets new views that we can't get with a person behind the lens that's for sure.

Bavarian DNA's picture

So inspiring and now i wish that i was a millionaire, No work worries and no family support headaches. Love it