Adobe Lightroom on Android Receives Update, Adds Copy and Paste for Image Adjustments and New Crop Tool

Adobe Lightroom on Android Receives Update, Adds Copy and Paste for Image Adjustments and New Crop Tool

Adobe has updated their image management and editing software Lightroom Mobile for Android devices. First debuting on Android in January, the Lightroom companion app allows users to sync photos between the desktop version and edit on the go with their mobile devices. In Version 1.2, the team has added a few new features and made several fixes that should improve a user’s overall experience.

One of the biggest improvements is the new ability to copy and paste image adjustments to other photos. This should save a lot of time in having to manually duplicate settings when you need to maintain a consistent look in your images. The crop tool has also been revamped with a redesigned experience. Previously, users were only able to crop in preset aspect ratios which greatly limited the flexibility that many photographers rely on to get their images looking just right. That appears to no longer the be the case.

In addition to these updated tools, Lightroom Mobile 1.2 for Android has a new Segmented view in Collections which will “give you a different way to view and engage with your photos” according to the Lightroom blog post.

Below are the addressed fixes that Adobe has outlined in their app release notes:

  • Screen occasionally went blank after changing the orientation from landscape to portrait.
  • Lightroom could crash when customers tap the sign-in button.
  • Fixed issue that could cause crashes when scrolling through a large collection and changing the device orientation from portrait to landscape (or vice versa).
  • Hardware back button was not closing any contextual menus.
  • Slow performance when swiping from image to image.
  • Copying or moving an image into a different collection was not working correctly. Please note that this issue only occurred on certain Samsung tablets.
  • Lightroom sometimes caused automated logouts.
  • Edits not visible when sharing photos to certain 3rd party apps and services.
  • Crash occurred when occasionally navigating from grid view to collections view.

The update is now available in the Google Play store.

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Nothing like making critical imaging decisions on your 20-50 megabyte images on a 10-inch or smaller uncalibrated screen, running on a peanut CPU with vapor for ram. Brilliant.

Yup. I can only imagine two possible reasons for needing LR on Android:

1) You don't care enough about your work to wait until you can sit down in front of a calibrated monitor

2) You absolutely MUST view your raw images before leaving the shoot

However, #1 also implies that you also don't care enough about your work to get a jump-start on editing, so that can be crossed off.

And #2 implies that you have a tablet on-site at the shoot, so why not just tether with it if you care so much about reviewing images before leaving? Cross that one off.

Who knows, maybe adding an android version was a one-day coding session for Adobe and didn't take away from what they SHOULD be working on (faster startup, preview times, better integration with graphics cards, basically fixing everything they broke with the latest iteration).

I used lightroom on my cell phone on my last trip to Africa. Because of where I was I was limited in what I could bring and a Laptop wasnt feasible. Did I need to edit my images before I returned? No but I was gone for a month in a remote area and being able to edit the images and post to my social media gave people a instant chance to see what I was working on.

So they built the Android port for the 1-in-1000 photographer who's on location for a month at a time. Makes sense. But I am glad it was useful for you. :)

Well thats just how I used it Im sure there are plenty of people who use the mobile app on both android and apple devices. Even if you use it for just Social media while away from your laptop its better then using instagram, and other apps to edit plus it can post to them directly and be uploaded to your full catalog to use as a comparison for you raw edits.

To your first point both my phone and tablet are calibrated since android allows for calibrating with most monitor calibrators.

And your second I would like to see tethering added to the mobile lightroom app so I dont have to use different apps.

With new devices like the recent post of the Gnarbox. If lightroom mobile expands its feature set to work with these devices I think the ability to abandon your laptop on the field will be possible.

So you had cellphone service in a remote area of Africa to upload your images tosocial media?

Well just about everyone where I was in Africa has cell phones even in the high Mtns. They dont have electricity but they do have cell phones. People even make a living in the villages providing solar and battery power for those people to charge there phones. A lot of the world that didnt have a land line infrastructure 10 years ago has since skipped it and set up cell infrastructure.

That being said with a satellite phone you can go to very remote locations and have cell reception.

Wish they'd spend the time fixing the performance issues with the latest version of the desktop application!! Never been so close to jumping ship to CaptureOne before...

It is possible to calibrate your iPad, . . . . not sure about a droid, . . . i love when people complain just to complain, . . . . LOL

Gee, look at that. It must be so cool to have calibration on a 10-inch screen to work on your 20-50 meg images on your peanut-powered iPad with vapor for ram. I just don't know what got over me, complaining like that...

i don't own an iPad, . . . . why are you filled with so much anger, ever think about taking a vacation?

So it's anger when you see the sheer stupidity of a concept?

what i see is a person that might need to take a few days off, and relax.