CameraLends' New App Opens Easy Peer-to-Peer Gear Renting to iPhone

CameraLends' New App Opens Easy Peer-to-Peer Gear Renting to iPhone

CameraLends has been letting gear owners rent out their gear to peers when it's not in use since its inception three years ago. Until now, everything has been done through their website. The new CameraLends iPhone app, however, lets users manage the entire rental process from the ease and mobility of their iPhones. Making money on your gear when you're not using it is now easier than ever.

Current users can sign in right away once downloading the free app. But new users can easily set up an account with an email, zip code, and subsequent email verification. You'll have to set up a password through Safari (if you're on your iPhone) first, however, to use the app. The website isn't mobile-optimized, but that's why users will be grateful for the app, which runs perfectly once you get it going.

Thirty percent of CameraLends' business currently comes from mobile web interactions, 70 percent of which are on iOS. The CameraLends iOS app should only help further spur growth of the CameraLends community to add rental options in more areas as the company grows.

You have the power to set your own prices (as do those renting to you), so that will vary in your area. But prices are usually — and rightly so — lower than those in local rental shops around you.

CameraLends is available today for free on the App Store.

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No Android app?

Grant Watkins's picture

and this is why i have an iphone.

As long as you're able to justify it to yourself. ;)

Percy Ortiz's picture

Interesting but one question pops to my mind immediately, insurance. Do people who hire their gear casually have a second (or special amended) insurance policy? I do lend my gear (and normally bring it myself and stay until its no longer needed and i can get it back) every now and then to friends in the industry but i do so very cautiously for 2 reasons. One, i really look after my gear and i don't believe anyone else can be as careful as me as the owner and two, my insurance covers my equipment when "I am on the job" and its work my business is carrying not someone else's... accidents do happen.

Would love to hear feedback of people who do hire out there gear.

It looks like there is an option for the renter to buy insurances (second snapshot).

Maybe there is an option on the lender side to make this mandatory?

spencer wallace's picture

I am a renter on Cameralends. They cover all your gear when you lend and promise to replace it within 2 days via amazon prime. So far I have had a great experience renting out my gear.

The insurance on their end is so that they dont have to pay cash when they break my camera haha.

If you have an Inland Marine policy it should cover your gear wherever unless renting to others is excluded.

Keith Bradshaw's picture

It's the Uber of camera rentals.

I signed up. They seem to have mitigated much of the risk on both sides. Of course, I only listed my "spare" gear for now, until I see how it goes.