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Get a Free Year of Adobe CC Photography Plan with Purchase of Intuos Wacom Tablet

You heard right, an entire year of Adobe CC Photography Plan for free with the purchase of an Intuos tablet. This deal is only good until September 17, so you might want to act fast before the weekend hits. Though it might not seem like a deep discount, for those photographers out there that find retouching and fine tuning imagery with a physical pen the way to go, this might be perfect for them so don't wait and miss out on a solid deal.

The promotion includes either the Wacom Intuos Pro Professional Pen & Touch Tablet or the larger option which both retail for around $350 and $500. A decent amount of money to spend on a tablet for any creative today, but if you are in the market for one and also use a majority of the photo editing apps like Photoshop and Lightroom, this might be the perfect combo. Not only do you get those apps with the CC license but you also receive the mobile editing tools as well which in my opinion add quite a bit on the go now that LR added the option to edit raw files. 

Check out the full list of apps included with the Adobe CC Photography Plan and be sure to check out the specs for each tablet above. Again, the deal is only good for a few more days so get it while it lasts!

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Timothy Evans's picture

As usual, it's terrible timing for me. I just re-upped my cc subscription last month, and I bought a qualifying wacom yesterday.

Daniel DeLucia's picture

Is this offer only available through B&H?

Andrew Griswold's picture

The links to all the articles I saw the announcment on had BH links so I am assuming so.

Mike Stern's picture

That's right! Try hard Mr. Wacom. You gonna need it after most of us jumped on the iPad Pro 9.7.
No? You didn't? Missing a big deal.

Mike Stern's picture

Let me reply my own comment before anybody else.
Many pro photographers will reply now, saying "you don't know what you r saying".

You use photoshop/Lightroom cc or other more complex laptop softwares to do your photo editing, drawing and retouching etc. like I still do sometimes. If you get on the iPad Pro 9.7 or Surface, you won't do a lot of the stuff on your laptop anymore. Proper raw support comin too. And it will be only ramp down from here for easier rides.
Give Apple Pencil a try.

Andrew Griswold's picture

I get what you are saying. I love the fact the pros are out and LR mobile supports raw files now. I am excited to try out pencil and the smaller pro sometime soon.

Mike Stern's picture

For a while I have to come back to my Macbookpro to do things. Premier pro video editing, stitching raw images through bridge. Etc. but I am optimistic about the app support on iPad Pro. There are very interesting apps already.

I am just trying to do the switch to this new world. Won't be easy but will be happy at the end. During my travels, my MacBook Pro (2015) is heavy, large, battery doesn't hold 2hrs of active working anymore, compared to 10hrs of iPad Pro. Wireless headsets and very cool new display with true tone. Film stuff 4K with decent amount of mp on the camera.

What a joy traveling and pulling it out anytime.

Charles Gaudreault's picture

Sad i just re-upped my sub to adobe few weeks ago :s