Instagram Lite Limited Released on Google Play Store

A slimmed-down version of the wildly popular photo sharing social network was launched in Mexico this week and is probably coming to more countries later this year.

The new Instagram Lite app is only 573 KB versus the regular version’s 32 MB. The slimmer download comes with a matching distilled app experience, however many of Instagram’s main features remain intact. Users can post, edit images with filters, share photos to Instagram Stories, watch Stories, and discover new content via the Explore tab. Currently missing is the ability to message friends and share video, two features that are said to be coming soon.

While Instagram Lite is positively geared towards developing markets, much like Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite for Android, there’s a fair amount of reasons one may choose the less intensive version over the regular app. Whether you are a regular traveler moving in and out of stellar cellular service or are just trying to limit your data bill or purposely want a simpler interface, the new app would now be another option to stay connected.

Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is now available to download from the Google Play store in limited markets.

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Ryan Ketterman's picture

I'm gonna hold out for another flavor... like Diet Instagram, or Instagram Zero. None of this Lite crap.

Ricky Mckillips Jr.'s picture

Agreed! Why does it need to be lite? I'm waiting for Crystal IG and IG Blue... but i'll pass on "New IG"... everyone knows you don't change the classic formula.

geek sqaud's picture

it is a very great work.

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