Instagram Redesigned Profiles for Web, Finally Add Search Capabilities

Instagram Redesigned Profiles for Web, Finally Add Search Capabilities

If you're not familiar, Instagram released their web-based platform for the popular app back in 2012. With an odd place to announce the update, Instagram revealed via Twitter that they have redesigned their profiles for web to have simple yet strong search capabilities. The search bar located at the top of your profile page can be used to find people and hashtags quickly.

Having been on the platform for over four years, it was a nice surprise at the halfway mark to find they created a website to view and check out individual profiles. A few things I use the web version for is replying to comments, screen grabs of full business pages for client meetings, and social media audits as well as use it as my own portfolio page because well, it's always updated. It's an incredible addition and one that I fully support, yet I'm not quite sure I can get behind how they announced it somewhat quietly on Twitter rather than the platform they created, but they got the word out nonetheless. 

Seeing the amount of embed posts and sharing on social these days it's smart for Instagram to further build their discovery. Not to mention the push to announce things like this on other social networks like Twitter. They are obviously on the move to spread their reach beyond just the mobile app and it's an exciting time to be on the platform.

[via Instagram]

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