No More Rush To Get Back To The Computer: Invoice With Alto

No More Rush To Get Back To The Computer: Invoice With Alto

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to send an invoice to a client, but you were not home? Maybe you are out on another job, shopping, hanging with family, at a friends, or in the other room watching TV. Hopefully you aren’t doing that last one, but Alto is here to help us out. If you don’t have QuickBooks or any other invoicing software, this is the tool for you. 

One day I was out shopping with a buddy of mine when all of a sudden I got a call from a client. He needed me to send him an invoice with all the information regarding a shoot we had about two days prior. I did not have the invoice finalized, and needed to change some things around before I could send it out to him. In a big struggle, I called the business partner and asked him if he could send the invoice over to the client, but it just so happened he was busy too. Instead of acting, we had to wait till one of us got home to send the invoice out.

A few weeks later, that same buddy of mine I was shopping with sent me a text that his brother forwarded to him about Alto.

Alto is an invoicing app for your smartphone where you can create, fix, edit, and send invoice. Instead of making these invoices in advance and saving them onto our phones as a pdf when we need them, Alto gives you everything you need in the palm of your hand. Forget about the trouble rushing home and creating an invoice or changing a mistake, it can all be done on your phone. There are also tons of other features this app has to offer such as log times, client lists, and intelligent reports. Some of these things being useful to specific people, especially us photographers and videographers if we need to get specific.

If you work for yourself, customer service is a huge deal, so always cooperate with your clients, be kind to them, and do what you can to get them what they ask for. Sometimes working for yourself can be demanding, but I think this app will definitely rid some of the stress. Especially when something pops out of nowhere like that and the client doesn’t realize or care that you are actually busy at the moment.

Check out Alto Here.

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