Watch Eight Photoshop Masters Hilariously Attempt to Use Photoshop Version 1.0

It goes without saying, Photoshop is one of the most complex and difficult programs in Adobe's arsenal. I have been a designer professionally for over six years and used it for almost ten. I am far from a master and find myself constantly searching for foreign features that I can use within the software. It comes with great pleasure to bring you this hilarious video of eight legit Photoshop masters attempting to use Version 1.0 in all its glory.

Photoshop celebrated its 25th birthday last month, and we all must agree it's helped our careers as photographers in more ways than one. Watching the software progress from the outrageously minimal Version 1.0, with the highlighted feature of a single undo/redo, it's astonishing anyone achieved high-caliber work with these constraints. As we've happily stood by as it progressed from a fledging photo editing program to the industries top standard in retouching and photo manipulation, we continue to challenge it and ourselves creatively. Here is a bit of a challenge as the guys at Creative Live put eight of the top Photoshop users in the world in front of Version 1.0 and ask them to do simple tasks. The results are obviously priceless and the quotes and side-by-sides below speak to some of the best moments.

Oh, you can do levels?

Aaron Nace

Do we have levels back then?

Matt Kloskowski


Let's not forget the one and only Aaron Nace will be passing along his incredible Photoshop knowledge at this year's Fstoppers Workshops in the Bahamas and he will gladly give any pointers in Version 1.0 to anyone willing to learn. 

[via 500px ISO]

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Started from the bottom now we're here.

How far we've come...

That was hilarious! The error sounds were pretty startling. I think my GPS makes a similar sound as an alarm when I'm speeding lol. Glad they fixed that. And added layers. And multiple undo. It's no wonder so many photographers preferred film for so long.

This is what I call exponential evolution... from zero to now in 25years.