How To Shoot A Super Hero Action Shot

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I know a couple of Fstoppers that go by the names of Tiffany and Gianna that are going to love this one... Jay P. Morgan is back again with a really unique concept. In this video Jay explains how he created a super hero concept from nothing and then shows us every minuscule detail that goes into making that image come to life. As always, Jay does an incredible job of packing his video with priceless information that every photographer can use, even if you don't ever plan to shoot Wonder Woman.




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Here is a link to the facebook page that has more information and photos about this shoot.!/pages/The-Slante...

Here is our facebook short url

But what does he do in post to get that comic book look? There's also a kind of sheen to her skin. How was that done?

There is a software that I use as a plug in in photoshop that gives you that look. The company is Nik Software and the program is called Color Efex Pro 3.0.
. I used the Tonal Contrast filter to give the image an illustrated look. Its not hard. There are many more filters than just the Tonal Contrast. There is a 15 day trial so you can check it out. Let me know what you think.

Come on... do you HAVE to shoot blanks off in the studio just to get your muzzle flash? lol. He couldnt find some free hi res stock?

I was thinking the same thing but Jay doesn't like to do things the "easy" way. A lot of big name photographers could create the shots that they do easily in post but by making them big productions, they can charge big prices.

I think the "production" that Jay puts into each of his shoots may be just as important when it comes to booking clients as the images themselves.

There is a lot to be said about Style. The way I do things creates my style.

I look at if from a different point of view. It took 45 minutes and 20 dollars of blanks and I now have muzzle flashes in my stock file. I controlled how large and had several different options. It gave me complete control and only took 45 minutes. I probably could not have found the stock that fast and It may not have been as perfect. Besides there is that thing about charging big prices to consider. I like that part the best.

A lot of attention to detail, firing the blanks and stringing up the shells just blew me away.

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Mr. Morgan always has elaborate shoots and set-ups, but this one turned out well.