Your Most Popular Questions Answered by Architectural Photographer Mike Kelley

Last week I asked everyone on my Facebook page to 'ask me anything' and said that I'd record and post the answers to all the questions left on the page. We had some fantastic questions, some funny answers, serious answers, and everything in between. For anyone looking for my honest opinions on all things architectural photography, check out this video and enjoy!In May of 2015, I'll be teaching at the Fstoppers Workshops in the Bahamas with 9 other incredible photographers. I'm teaching a pair of two-day classes that investigate architectural photography, hotel photography, and retouching. If you're interested in learning more or signing up for one of my classes, head on over to and check out the two-day intensive classes that I'll be offering. Last year was an INCREDIBLE time, between scuba diving, sailing, and lounging on the beach it's one of the most relaxing ways to learn everything you want to learn about photography. 

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Robin Browne's picture

Thank you for your time, great information.

David Justice's picture

Thanks for answering my question! I've been cold-calling businesses left and right. Some answers, some obvious no's. But you're right, it is a numbers game. One more question though... What's the deal with your background?

Jason Ranalli's picture

I wouldn't even say that architectural photography is "my thing" but I really enjoyed this video...some real candid answers where I learned a lot.

I think all the Fstoppers guys are going above and beyond for the community by putting stuff like this out.


Mo Bius's picture

Hey, it's THE Texas Tornado!

Thank you for this video, Mike. You answered several questions that I would have asked.

Chet Meyerson's picture

Thanks Mike, lots of great info in a short amount of time. Who did the printing of the spiral bound book?

Rogier Bos's picture

So very helpful - thanks!

Yucel Yalim's picture

Thanks Mike, Awesome video.

You've got me using my RT 600's to set off my cameras now.