Behind the Scenes of a 10-Year-Old Photographer's Shoot

Consider for a moment, just what would your ten-year-old self do, if given the keys to an entire photo shoot.

Admittedly at that age like many children, I most likely would be bouncing between pitting my Transformers into an epic battle versus one another, and attending various youth sports leagues, and emulating my favorite athletes' signature moves. The thought of conceptualizing a full on photo shoot, directing a model, all while operating a complex DSLR for all the internet (which neither existed) to see, was in almost every aspect, unthinkable. Irene Rudnyk has put together my 1988's version of unthinkable, where she first takes a brief look back at her early imaginative years with a camera. At an age when like a lot of things, it was strictly all in the name of fun. In the video she introduces fellow photographer George Dutch, but neither Rudnyk nor Dutch will be the brains behind the shoot. George’s ten-year-old daughter Ayla, who herself is really into photography, bravely takes the helm, and produces some images she can be really proud of.

Welcome to this day NS age, where I am now old, and it’s time to consider a change up, skipping your child’s next baseball practice, and instead working together on the fresh, and unique perspective that only their youth can bring to your next shoot.

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Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

with the right tool, inspiration around and guideline you can achieve allot!

Michael Marcopoulos's picture

Thanks to her Dad, who did all the light setup...

Leigh Smith's picture

Light setup? You mean he installed the window?

michael buehrle's picture