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Behind the Scenes of a Snickers Commercial Made for Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX is just two days away and most of us are looking forward to the commercials as much - if not more - than the actual game. This year will feature a Snickers’ commercial that is bound to be the talk of the work place come Monday.

The commercial follows the familiar “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign – only this time, it takes place within an episode of The Brady Bunch.

This commercial’s special effects are so seamlessly done that you might begin to wonder whether the scene is a part of the original show. The special effects team analyzed all the footage from the actual Brady Bunch show to figure out its exact camera specifications, including matching the camera's focal length and angles shot in the original scene. They also re-built the set using the props, which the actors interacted with for a more realistic effect, including the staircase that Steve Buscemi stands on.

Here's a video of the finished commercial.

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Good lord, 2 full busloads of crew! Cool bts...

Jeroen de Jong's picture

Nice to see. A lot of work for a few seconds result. But the results count and that's the only thing people are talking about, right?

But why do they speak about "The talent" when they talk about the actors that fill in the places of the two people on the couch?
They have names. You could also say "actors" or something like that. Talents is a bit of a big word. They sit on a couch and are scouted on their looks to fit the original. What's the talent?

Limor Garfinkle's picture

Very good point Jeroen :) I assume the reason they say 'talent' rather than names, is to differentiate those two from the stars of the spot - Dani Trejo and Steve Buscemi... Show business... Not kind to the unknown actors.
Can anyone name the amazing actor who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings?

Lucas Weber's picture

That would be Andy Serkis :)

Jeroen de Jong's picture

I still think it's wrong to assign them with the term "Talent".
I understand your point that they need to make a difference between Mr. Trejo & Mr. Buscemi and tre other actors.

But even calling them tallent only makes it worse. Does it means Dani Trejo and Steve Buscemi don't have any talent?? :D

But it's a small detail offcourse. It's still a nice piece of work how to implement actors today into movies from the past. A lot has improved when you look at Forest Gump meeting The President for example.