Follow the Fstoppers Swimwear Tutorial Live in Curacao

Follow the Fstoppers Swimwear Tutorial Live in Curacao

For the next 10 days, the entire Fstoppers staff is down in Curacao filming our next full length tutorial with swimwear photographer Joey Wright. Recently Facebook just added a new live streaming feature called Livestream which means we can live stream while we film this tutorial. Follow us on Facebook to watch all of our shenanigans and signup for Joey's mailing list for more info about this tutorial.  



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Awesome! I was born there. Awesome Dutch architecture. Will follow your photo shoot.

Lynnet Perez's picture

Could you add the link for the Livestream app please.

Patrick Hall's picture

There is no app, just follow Fstoppers on Facebook and it should load on your feed.

michael buehrle's picture

another tough day at the office is it ?

Michael Kormos's picture

After Iceland and New Zealand, I expected a location in the south-eastern hemisphere. Lee & Patrick need to push the boundaries a little more. BTW guys, I hope you're listening to your accountant and expensing those champagne-laden after-parties!

Patrick Hall's picture

You mean a tutorial in Australia? I have to say, this tutorial is the biggest tutorial we have produced staff wise and the expenses add up quickly. For most everything we have done so far, it has just been Lee and I filming and directing, the main photographer, and maybe a single assistant/digital tech. This tutorial has Joey, his assistant, his office manager, 3 models, Lee and I, our assistant and our video editor. We also have hair and makeup. Having to host 11 people and pay for flights and meals is definitely a massive undertaking but I think it will be worth it. As I write this I have a sunburn, have been fighting off a cold, and am probably under rested and dehydrated. As much as I would love this to be a vacation, so far it's been work 14 hours each day. I am super happy my bedroom has air conditioning though :)

Rex Larsen's picture

The entire staff in Curacao ? Exactly how many people are needed to help apply tanning lotion ?

Michael Kormos's picture

I think most fstoppers readers are going to have an easy time photographing lovely young ladies in nothing but bikinis. The tough part is going to be finding these attractive models, willing to pose for that random "man with a camera" they spoke to on the internet :-)

Patrick Hall's picture

Joey is covering how to get new models as well as how to build up a portfolio so you can work with pro models. Obviously some markets/cities have access to more professional talent but even if you just casually enjoy shooting swimwear or lingerie you will still be able to learn a host of things from lighting to marketing from this tutorial.

Rex, I totally thought the same thing when we decided to plan this tutorial. Unfortunately, unlike landscapes, architecture, weddings, and headshots, you need a lot more hair and make up, models, and beautiful locations that require extensive planning. I've learned to appreciate genres where Mike Kelley, Elia Locardi, and Peter Hurley can just show up by themselves and knock out great images without much assistance but with fashion, swimwear, and beauty, there really needs to be an extensive team in place to make the images. So far there has been very little tanning lotion application....who would have thought?

Michael Kormos's picture

Patrick, I think Rex and I were both just jerking your chain I thought it was obvious :-)

Paulo Macedo's picture

I came for the pictures!

Michael van Drunen's picture

How nice! I live in Curacao. And I've been to that place. Had a wedding over there. :) Amazing.