PES Releases New Stop-Motion Short Film "Submarine Sandwich" and BTS

Whether or not you knew it, you have most likely viewed a short film by Adam Pesapane, better known as PES. The director and animator has released several immensely popular stop-motion shorts, directed numerous commercials for major companies such as PlayStation, Scrabble, and Bacardi, and has even been nominated for an Academy Award. Along with the release of his newest short, "Submarine Sandwich," PES and Nikon Cinema have teamed up to bring you a rather comprehensive behind-the-scenes look into the process that goes into the making of PES’ films.

Stop-motion is a meticulous style of filmmaking where attention to detail is crucial and the slightest bump or error could ruin an entire day of work. PES has seemingly mastered this style of film, creating some of the most viewed stop-motion films of all time. Throughout his career he has utilized a plethora of different recording devices from 35mm to MiniDV cameras. For the making of "Submarine Sandwich," PES used the Nikon D810 accompanied by the Nikkor 35mm f/1.4, 45mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4, and 105mm f/2.8 micro. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:

For valuable stop-motion insight from PES and his team, as well as a complete list of gear, head over to the article on Nikon Cinema.

[via Nikon Cinema]

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Bit strange, but techically very well done.