Sara Lando and Zack Arias Throw Down in the GPP2014 ShootOut

I know, I know. My post last Sunday also featured Zack but when you put yourself out there as much as he does, you're going to get noticed (a lesson for us all). Besides, this isn't really about him. This is about one of the greatest challenges ever conceived in the photography industry. That's right kids. It's the 2014 Gulf Photo Plus ShootOut, pitting Sara Lando against Zack Arias with cameos by some of the best shooters in the industry.

“The annual GPP ShootOut is as David Hobby puts it, "the most exciting hour on the planet for photography". It pits two or three photographers against each other in a room full of photographers and they have to shoot, edit, retouch and present a photo within 20minutes to a brief that is revealed at the event!
In 2014, at the GPP Dubai Photography Festival ShootOut we were pleased to have Zack Arias a veteran at the GPP shootouts take on first timer Sara Lando and it was a night to remember.”

via [Gulf Photo Plus]

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That was awesome!I It's tough enough to nail a photo/concept when time is not a factor, but within 20 mins, on the spot, and impromptu... simply awesome! Hats of to both Sara and Zack!

Savi You's picture

Sara concept was really cool. I love making polaroids and this gve me a great idea that I may be borrowing for a personal project!

Jamie Gellings's picture

A lot of fun to watch!

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Great vid, thanks for sharing it!