See How Gonzaga Manso Created an In-Studio Pond For This Beautiful Broncolor Concept Shoot

Amongst this years Broncolor Gen NEXT line up (a pioneering group of young professional photographers lighting up the future of photography) Gonzaga Manso throws in with his beautiful concept shoot, "The Pond". This photograph is meant to express the calm, sincere and deep love that comes from getting old alongside the person you love. But what maybe more interesting, for us inquisitive shooters, is the release of this behind-the-scenes video which details Gonzaga's elaborate and meticulous set-up.Gonzaga used three Broncolor Move 1200L, with two heads attached to each, which is the first time he has ever used Broncolor equipment.

“Why didn't you go to a real pond?” It’s simple: because I couldn't find the one I had imagined. I wanted to control everything: the plants around it, the water ripples, the light… Here you have a behind the scenes video showing the process:

Here an illustration Gonzaga provided, outlining his lighting scheme:

Photo: Gonzaga Manso
Cast: Blanca Castillo & Jose Luis Matienzo
Art Director: Laura Lostalé
Art Assistant: Sara Virumbrales
Camera Assistants: Pedro Martínez, Silvia de Castro & Cris Manso
Making of: Paco Ponce de León
Music: Matatigre - Forest

via [ISO1200]

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Jeroen de Jong's picture

That's a lot of work. Beautifull done.
But indeed, it takes time to plan, space and lot's of people

mark millar's picture

That is incredible. I completely missed this (and missed it even after seeing the product). Thanks.

Travis Alex's picture

I think it's important to note for those who are new to photography and seeing this, do not get discouraged.

You can do a shoot with way less gear then what is seen here. My friends and I have done shoots like this for with 2 Alien Bees, a black tarp, large black foam core, a garden house, and a camera on a tripod for around $100+

Adam T's picture

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that likes to use the old tiny bamboo fun tablet. Their scroll wheel was the best.

Oh and great concept, I like the photo