See What it Takes to Shoot a Car Ad in Downtown LA

LA-based cinematographer Brandon Lippard gives us a behind the scenes look at photographer Dave Hill's 2015 Toyota Camry, Parade and Night Market, print ad shoot. I really dig these kinds of behind-the-scenes videos. They are so insightful and educational when kept clean, simple and unfiltered. These kinds of genuine glimpses from behind the lens offer a lot, to the keen observer, as opposed to the oh-so-common, self-promoting, trendy music video type clips we are often fed. Thanks for sharing Brandon.

If you want to know more about how Brandon gets along, be sure to follow him at

You can even beat us to the punch and find his videos here.

Shot by Brandon Lippard

Edited by Luke Thomas

Camera - Blackmagic Pocket

Agency - Intertrend

[via ISO1200]

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Sean Moore's picture

How do you end up crediting the wrong photographer when his name is on the top of the photo? Jeeze..

Stefan Nilsson's picture

Found a few others of his BTS and it seems Brandon Lippard holds the BTS camera, recording the video but Dave Hill does the photography. Apparently Fstoppers combined them into one person.

Kenn Tam's picture

As jacked up as my language and links were I was actually trying to feature Brandon, for not producing another music video BTSV. I've made some corrections to remedy my errors and any confusion. Thanks for looking out.

Roman Lavrov's picture

Great comps

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Awesome stuff. I wonder why the skin tones go warm/orange in the finished shot?

Vincent Palma's picture

I was gonna comment the same thing. Chinese details on a jap car ad? Do you know where china is and japan?

Brian Carpenter's picture

I think the skin tones were made orange due to continuing the environmental light (for example the red/orange hanging lamps in the second composite). Reflections pick up the color of the light that is being reflected. Standard composite lighting rule. I'm actually not seeing where the orange light would be coming from in the first composite example though... maybe they wanted to stick with the warm color theme of the balloons and the buildings (the sky was obviously made drab/overcast so it doesn't look like they were going for a late afternoon look).

Lane Shurtleff's picture

So...a Chinese dragon theme for a Japanese car company?

Brian Dowling's picture

One of the background actors was Korean too! What is the world coming to. It's as if the US has people from many different countries in it and Toyota, who makes more cars in America than Ford or Chevy, is trying use target marketing.

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Haha, he has a good point. I lived in Shanghai for 2 years, the Chinese hate Japan, and vice versa. The level of racism between the two countries is on another level. It is interesting that they went Chinese theme for a Japanese car. I'm positive Dave Hill is working with the US Toyota design team. Or maybe it's specifically targeting Chinese Americans.

Art Sanchez's picture

The final result is amazing.

But, it makes me wonder how the super high end commercial photograpers work.
Do they shoot with all the real components, talents, etc together (like a film)? I think that it would be more natural and organic than just putting them together in Photoshop.

It's just my opinion